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Today we have the trusty Stephanie substituting for The Doc. At this time Doc is either occupied with her Big Stick music related work, and/or her fine-art sculpture related responsibilities (as she will be increasingly frequently over the period of the next several months or so)... We believe that Doc will hopefully be back on the clock for Monday's edition of this popular blog installment... Of course on Sunday (tomorrow), we will be running our regularly scheduled 'SUNDAY FUNNIES THAT AREN'T NECESSARILY THAT FUNNY' feature, which I now help editorially administrate for Drag Racing Underground, each and every single weekend with the help of Doc's ever insightful guidance and oversight... Please enjoy Stephanie's Snapshot of the Day... This installment features a photograph of Doc respectfully lounging about in her home recording studio (where she does some of her Big Stick related work). I thought this photo would be appropriate to share with you, due to the fact she's wearing her treasured and vintage "Jungle Jim" t-shirt. This shirt was part of Old Bridge Township Raceway Park's "T-Shirt Giveaway Funny Car Race" way back in the summer of 1973. The "Jungle Jim" Vega Funny Car rendering on the shirt comes from a photo taken by world-renowned drag racing photographer Norman Blake (who also shot Big Stick's first record cover). Admittedly, Doc was kind of apprehensive (to put it mildly) regarding my desire to use this photo today for my substitution spot, mainly because she usually tries to distance herself from anything and everything "Jungle Jim" related, not because she has anything against "Jungle Jim", to the contrary, she thinks the world of "Jungle Jim", "Jungle Pam" and most of the people who were connected to the original success of the "JJ" brand, but because she and others firmly believe that the small handful of "Jungle Jerks" (as they're commonly called among those in the know), meaning those who represent "Jungle Jim" in death, in a reckless and bullying manner, do nothing but soil and corrupt the TRUE legacy of the late "Jungle Jim" Liberman. Like Doc tells me, "Jungle Jim was not the kind of jerk that some of those who try to connect themselves with him in death try so hard to make him out to be for their own selfish, cockeyed agenda."... But somehow, after a lengthy and occasionally heated conversation, I did convince Doc to let me use this pic anyway, because we both eventually mutually agreed that I'd do so in loving memory and heartfelt respect to the good man that was"Jungle Jim" Liberman. So here's the pic, presented  in loving memory of "Jungle Jim" Liberman.



Substitute Stephanie's Snapshot of the Day features Doc respectfully lounging in her vintage "Jungle Jim" t-shirt