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We originally planned for today's blog to feature Franky's & Felicia's picks for this weekend's NHRA Northwest Nationals. However, as you probably are already well aware, we suspended Franky  two weeks ago, just prior to the Mopar NHRA Mile-High Nationals, due to his involvement in a "road rage" related incident, when he was allegedly "cut off" on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway by a driver wearing a Yankees cap. And yes, we all know how strongly Franky feels that New Yorkers should be supporting the Mets and not the Yankees. An altercation ensued. To make a long story short, we then temporarily suspended Franky from his race predicting duties, in hopes that this issue would be cleared up by last week, and we'd be able to have him and Felicia return to predicting the winners for the NHRA race in Sonoma -- However, unfortunately, we felt compelled to extend Franky's suspension, due to the fact that when he was being investigated for the recent road rage incident, an arrest warrant surfaced from Pennsylvania, alleging that Franky and an ex-girlfriend of his from Pennsylvania, were suspected of videotaping feature films inside a rural Pennsylvania move theater, and then producing pirated DVD copies of same movies, and illegally selling them on Canal Street in New York City. So Franky was still stuck in quite a disturbing legal funk. We felt that we had no choice but to extend Franky's suspension... And now, just last night, Franky & Felicia were dinner guests at Drag Racing Underground's own Stephanie's palatial house and estate, located in an exclusive gated New Jersey community, and Franky wound up starting an argument with Stephanie's husband Rubert, about a Mets related matter, and in a subsequent heated exchange of words, Franky called Stephanie's and Rubert's house "a f*****g dump" -- This bad blood between Drag Racing Underground folk resulted in us once again feeling it necessary to add an extension to Franky's suspension to further include this week's NHRA Northwest Nationals predictions...  Hopefully this will all clear up in time for Franky & Felicia to return to this page in mid-August, for them to provide us with their predictions for the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals at Brainerd... We sincerely  apologize to all of you who were looking forward to Franky's & Felicia's NHRA Northwest Nationals picks today. We're trying our very best  to sort this matter out as soon as humanly possible. Franky appreciates all the supportive emails he's received.