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Pat Musi experienced a bad crash while piloting Frank Brandao's Pro Mod Stratus at NHRA's Southern Nationals. It was during qualifying, when Pat hit hard into the Atlanta strip's shutdown area guardwall-- Resulting in a fractured vertebrae. As the late Jonathon Harris who played the role of "Dr. Smith" on the 60's TV show "LOST IN SPACE" used to say, "Oh, the pain, Oh, the pain!". Fortunately Pat's a strong guy and was able to endure the pain of the injury and the discomfort of the surgery that followed. According to what Pat Musi told Bobby Bennett's drag ezine COMPETITION PLUS, “They put six, eight inch columns in my back and then they had to go back and stitch it up,” Musi said, explaining the surgery on his back. “To be honest, they looked like valve springs.” Pat is now at home in Carteret, NJ (just a stone's throw from my Jersey home) and he's on the mend. I've known Pat Musi and his brother Ralph (a skilled driver in his own right) for many, many years. My personal cars receive the Midas, er, I mean, "Musi Touch"-- I recall several years ago when Drag Racing Underground and I covered the unveiling of Pat's very first dyno room in Carteret. And you may or may not know that before Pat Musi became the "Outlaw Doorslammer" sensation he is today, he used to be quite the threat in NHRA's Pro Stock ranks. Here at Drag Racing Underground we wish Pat only the very best in his current state of recovery-- Like I said earlier, Pat's a strong guy, so I'm sure he'll return to the track with renewed health and vigor. You can't keep that "Musi Muscle" down for long-- because I know that PAT MUSI is JERSEY STRONG...

Let's face the hard facts, a lot of us hardcore doorslammer peeps have been going through serious withdrawal since the E'Town Ultra Quick 8 class terminated. Fortunately now, we have the "BIG TIRE OUTLAWS" series to provide us with our dastardly doorslammin' fix!! We can all rejoice in knowing that wild and wooly "back half", big tire, factory appearing cars that use every imaginable way to make horsepower are back on the ETown track! Some of the legendary doorcar racers you'll see include "Charlie Boy" Micallef, John Schroeder, Cheman Bros, Mike Ingrossio and Vinny Pace among others. Be sure to write these dates on your calendar May 22, June 12, July 31 and Aug 21! The "BIG TIRE OUTLAWS" will continue the long and historic tradition of Old Bridge Township Raceway Park being known as the home of raucous and radical doorslammer racing. I'm confident that the "BIG TIRE OUTLAWS" are going to rattle your cage and jolt your senses!!

The Jim Harrington Memorial High School Challenge Race takes place Sunday, May 22nd at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. A special class for this date will be open to any student who graduated or will be graduating from High School in 2011. The lucky (and skilled) winner will be awarded with a Raceway Park embroidered jacket and will attend the NHRA Division 1 Summit E.T. Finals to help represent the Raceway Park team on September 22, 23 and 24 at U.S. 13 Dragway. The qualifications are as follows-- Car must be 12:00 ET or slower, must be stock-appearing, all 4 tires MUST be D.O.T. approved-- NO SLICKS, and no electronics are allowed. Street-type exhaust required, and of course students must have a valid driver's license. 17-year-olds must have a guardian or parent on premises or have a signed AND notarized insurance release form. The late Jim Harrington holds a special place in my heart. When I first began my career with Drag Racing Underground, it was Jim who would always take the time to explain to me the very basics, as well as the many subtle nuances of Bracket Racing. Let's face it, Jim was one of the most successful Bracket & Sportsman racers the sport has ever seen. Jim was a kind man with the patience to endure all my silly questions when I was first learning the ropes. He didn't have any hangups about me being a woman, Jim was "man enough" to not let that get in the way. For that I will always be grateful. Just last week, I was in the RaceZone restaurant/bar, the place down the road from Raceway Park, the establishment formerly known as Cantores and Vitalies, up on the wall was a photo of Jim to honor his memory, lots of us real racin' folks miss Jim Harrington, even the racers he used to beat round after round at the strip.

Several years ago accusations were flying from some NHRA drag fans insisting that Kenny Bernstein had a "facelift"-- I believe Kenny denied the alleged "facelift" charges-- No matter what the case, it sure stirred up quite a fuss among those who follow drag racing (uh, maybe those who follow it too close for their own good, if you know what I mean)... Anyways, now we have this controversy over an 8 year old California girl, 'cause her mother injected her with botox in order to give her daughter a "competitive edge" in one of those kiddie beauty pageants, you know, the kind you see on that weird "Toddlers and Tiaras" TV show-- Now "Child Services" have taken the little girl away from her mom... I tell ya, this whole botox and cosmetic surgery biz is really becoming a runaway train in our culture... And of course there's Chaz Bono, who is getting so much props & praise from the media as being "courageous" for having his/her girl boobies surgically removed, from what we're seeing on all the network talk shows, you'd think Chaz Bono is more courageous than the Navy Seals who took out Bin Laden-- Go figure??-- Whether it's drag fans bickering about the old "Bud King's" face, or 8 year old beauty pageant babes shooting-up botox, the controversy over cosmetic modification won't be going away anytime soon...

Rick "Surf" Stambaugh passed away Fri, May 13. Rick was one of the few people involved with the current Nostalgia Funny Car scene/revival who actually participated in the "real thing" back in the 1970s. Up in the banner here on the Drag Racing Underground site, there's a couple of pics of the Stambaugh "New Generation" red Corvette-- We decided to include Rick's car in our main banner, not just 'cause it's a groovy lookin' ride, but because we genuinely like Rick a whole lot. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Rick at ETown's Nostalgia Summernats/Funny Car Reunion. He was there with his "New Generation" 'Vette flopper. The car piloted by Rick's son, Matt, with daughter Robin crewing. Rick was a really nice guy, I know that, 'cause he was real nice to me. Rick was a gentleman. I sincerely hope that Rick's death isn't in vain among the Nostalgia Funny Car community-- I hope those currently involved with this scene who choose to represent it with little or no sense of respect and dignity will take a lesson from Rick, the way Rick acted and treated people-- If everyone in the scene carried themselves like Rick did, and represented this scene with the kind of class that he did, we'd be in a much better place. You can see my interview with Rick on our FUNNY CAR REUNION RAW dvd. I watched my interview with Rick this morning-- Yeah, we're lucky that Rick decided to be a part of the scene. Rick Stambaugh will definitely be remembered by lots of us. Our condolences to his family. R.I.P.

Yesterday I decided to take a much earned "vacation day" away from business. As far as the weather goes, it was one of the most ideal days in recent memory. Spent the day on the Jersey shore in Point Pleasant. The beach was beautiful and there were some pretty serious waves breaking-- The cool mist emanating from the breaking waves felt like a million bucks. Noticed a lot of girls sporting the "Snookie" look, kind of a fashion throwback in my opinion, but hey, to each his/her own. Had a nice lunch at Martell's Tiki Bar. Don't forget that there's two major events you should seriously consider for this weekend-- Mopars At E'Town Sat & Sun May 14 & 15-- And everybody's fave Mopar guy rocker, Johnny Kelly will be playin' drums with DANZIG at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville NJ Sat Nite May 14-- Mopars and Rock 'n' Roll-- That's a hot combination, baby!-- Maybe I'll see ya there?

As some of you already know, not only am I a serious drag racing enthusiast, but I'm also a semi-serious gardening enthusiast as well. I made the trip to the massive Gasko's Nursery in Monroe, NJ, (located relatively close to E'Town Raceway Park) and I bought some veggies to plant in my "Victory Garden"-- This season my garden and I are celebrating the "victory" of finally seeing a prominent terrorist brought to justice. Of course I picked up several Rutgers Tomato plants-- Also some Bell Pepper plants, and a few Corn plants for good measure. I know there's a lot of you drag racing folks reading this who are also "closet gardeners". While we're gardening, we like getting the soil under our fingernails, just like we enjoy getting the occasional pieces of flying rubber off a pair of spinning slicks caught between our teeth on the starting line, ha ha... In closing today, on a more serious note, I just want y'all to know that I'm keeping you folks who are suffering from the swelling Mississippi River in my thoughts and prayers...


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Apologies to everyone who arrived at this blog page the other day only to find it down, thankfully my trusty cyber crew got it back up and running (WOW, the traffic to this page is going through the roof-- Thanks to YOU!)... I'm pretty psyched about this new & improved web site of ours. If you haven't clicked on the "Photo Gallery" yet, I suggest you do so. We've got a whole bunch of never released to the general public photos that you can now feast your peepers on! There's truly something for everyone-- Nitro Cars, Outlaw Doorslammers, Nostalgia stuff, My Personal Photos, etc-- Check it out. I'm glad that I was the only one on the drag racing internet capable of clearing up the false rumors that Chaz Bono will be playing the role of the late great "Jungle Jim" in a feature film. However, if a movie is being produced about legendary Pro Stock racer Larry Morgan, then possibly Chaz Bono would be the right man for the leading role. Today's a recording studio day for me-- Gotta get ready for that-- C-Ya-- Rock On 'n' All That...


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All you "Mopar Or No Car" folks take note that the MOPARS AT ETOWN & LX FORUMS MODERN MOPAR NATIONALS happens May 14 & 15. It's certainly one of the "Top 10" fave races for me. Although I'm known to surround myself with muscled-up Fords, I openly confess to also being a "Mopar Gal" at heart. Some of us recall how WILDGIRL of WFMU-FM fame was hardcore Mopar-- Driving her trick "Dart Swinger"- She even raced the car at this event. We'll have to see if our friend Johnny Kelly (of Type O Negative, Seventh Void, Danzig fame) will be comin' out. Johnny is touring with Danzig as I write this-- Danzig are scheduled for the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ Sat night May 14th-- Hmmm-- Maybe Johnny will be able to fit the Mopar event into his schedule somehow?-- Johnny recently played/recorded drums on our (Big Stick) "Hoochie Express" track-- He's one of the best naturally talented drummers I know. Johnny occasionally races his sweet '70 SuperBee at the E'Town Mopar event. (There's a pic of Johnny and the car in my Personal Photo Gallery here on the site) He drove the "Bee" to our recording session in South River, NJ-- Johnny loves his "Bee"-- So do I-- Props today to all Moms... And Mopar lovers too.

Here's some upcoming E'Town events that I strongly suggest adding to your calendar-- May 13 MOPARS AT E'TOWN, June 2-5 NHRA SUPERNATIONALS, June 12 AMERICAN MUSCLECAR MADNESS, June 18 SNAP-ON NIGHT OF THRILLS, July 20th PC RICHARDS & SON SUMMER MOTORSPORTS SPECTACULAR, July 24 NOSTALGIA SUMMERNATIONALS, Aug 17 MONSTER TRUCK MELTDOWN, Sept 17 US DIESEL TRUCKIN' NATIONALS, Oct 7-9 SHAKEDOWN AT E'TOWN... All these events are fun for the entire family. I'll be adding more E'Town event news here on my blog as time goes on... There's a lot of great stuff going on at E'Town this season that you don't want to miss! I also want to inform my loyal readers that the rumors that Chaz Bono will be playing the role of the late great "Jungle Jim" in a Lifetime made-for-TV movie are completely FALSE!!