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Today is Labor Day... I want to to salute the hard working laborers who make up the drag racing teams that compete in NHRA, IHRA, and all the other various grueling, competitive racing circuits in our sport. Yeah, those who labor so tirelessly, doing the dirty and often under-appreciated "grunt work" are the people who I'm giving my tip of the hat to on this Labor Day 2017. They're the individuals getting dirt under their fingernails, breaking a sweat while turning wrenches, changing tires in the blink of an eye, often in the extreme heat and humidity (the REAL "working conditions" at the drag strip)-- I'm talking about those drag racing workers who don't make the zillions of dollars, don't have the media constantly asking them to pose for pictures, the laborers of the sport who certainly are NOT a "household name"... They are the "UNSUNG HEROES" of drag racing... I ask all my readers on this Labor Day to please take a brief moment while enjoying your barbecue, and playing a fun-spirited game of "Bikini Twister" on the backyard deck with your friends, to please think of those in our sport who perform the hard labor, whether it be the folks toiling in the pit crew, or those who do the backbreaking "track prep" and "clean-up" at your local strip, or the panting photographers selflessly sweating bullets out on the unmerciful, sun-sizzling starting line to document the sport for posterity... Just take a moment to have a thought of appreciation for those who have to use their muscles, and don't ever have the "luxury" of "complaining" or "whining" when they get "tired" -- I'm talkin' 'bout those at the drags who perform all the manual labor while still maintaining a strong and admirable work ethic, the kind of work ethic that's so deeply rooted in our nation's earliest of true-grit pioneering spirit... I know that an awful lot of you drag racing grunt workers read this blog religiously, and I want you to know that there are people like me in this drag racing business who genuinely appreciate all you do for this sport...



This Labor Day 2017, I ask that while you're barbecuing, partying, and playing a game of "Bikini Twister" with friends on the deck, that you please take a brief moment to give some thought to those who labor so tirelessly at the nation's many drag strips.

Being that today is in fact Sunday, we present our regularly scheduled "THE SUNDAY FUNNIES THAT AREN'T NECESSARILY THAT FUNNY AT ALL" feature, to help in eliminating the sic and grotesque epidemic of drag racing internet trolling and bullying... We'd also like to offer you a link today to a special feature written by John Leland of the NY TIMES that appears online https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/31/nyregion/raceway-park-englishtown-photographs.html The story also appears in today's SUNDAY TIMES printed edition. There's quotes from Drag Racing Underground's own John Gill towards the end of the piece. It's about Wednesday Night Drag Racing at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. It's a neat photo essay (Stephanie).

Today is the return of the "SUNDAY FUNNIES" feature here on the blog, though admittedly, the way in which blowhard Marvin conducts himself in life, and especially on the drag racing internet, the situation isn't necessarily that, ahem, funny at all-- As a matter of fact, Marvin's brand of belligerent behavior often has negative consequences for the collective drag racing scene... Marvin aggressively seeks out internet postings by women and young folk who he deems to be 'pesky' (because they don't fit in to his preferred ornery oriented demographic), and tries desperately to pick apart and dissect each and every single word they typed, often claiming the facts are wrong, even if he knows that they are really right-- Anything to create a confrontation laced with lewd language and 'f bombs' is merry sport for Marvin (using 'f bombs' sure makes Marvin feel more 'macho' and more like he's a 'big man')... When dorks like Marvin get behind their computer keyboard, and just type negativity with their fingers, it never results in anything positive for the drag racing community, because we don't need the blowhard brand of 'debby-downer' dingbat dissent that fools like Marvin dispense 24/7 on the internet. I do hope that some will take this lesson to heart, because it's a lesson that needs to be learned by those who constantly pollute the drag racing internet with endless oodles of mindless nagging negativity. Let's get smart in 2017. Let's work together to help make the drag racing internet a 'family friendly' place where more people can enjoy it and be enriched and enlightened by it. Let's put an end to Marvin's brand of blowhard bullying...



Marvin is a mess! The problem of blowhard bullies like him on the drag racing internet needs to be addressed!

Here at Drag Racing Underground, we're now officially proclaiming that September is Sportsman Racing Appreciation Month... That's right, anyone who really knows their drag racing, are well aware that it's the Sportsman Racers who serve as the so-called "backbone of the sport". There are more than 200 different classes of vehicles featured in NHRA competition, and the mass majority of 'em are Sportsman classes. There's a whole lot of Sportsman classes to discover, including Stock, Super Stock, Super Street, Comp, Super Comp, Alcohol Diggers n' Floppers, and Top Sportsman among several others... Besides Sportsman Racing being a big part of national events, it's also makes up the thick of the sanctioning body's divisional racing series. Next time you go to the drags, take a walk through the pits and peruse all the many Sportsman Racing teams, appreciate all the effort they put into their strong competitive spirit -- It's a part of the drag racing world that often gets overlooked by many who don't take the time to explore it, however, Sportsman Racing is a facet of the drag racing world that's certainly worthy of all our appreciation.



Drag Racing Underground is officially proclaiming that September is "Sportsman Racing Appreciation Month".

Today is "FEEDBACK FRIDAY", meaning I deal with emails that my assistant Stephanie and I receive from readers regarding our most recent blogs... Let's get right to your feedback... Yesterday's blog featuring the return of Franky's & Felicia's winners picks for the NHRA U.S. Nationals, after Franky's lengthy suspension for questionable behavior, resulted in droves of emails of many mixed opinions. Alex from San Bernardino, CA wrote "Thanks for finally bringing Franky's & Felicia's picks back for Indy. I missed their weird approach to drag racing. Please don't dump them just because they anger some of the thin skinned readers who don't have a sense of humor! They crack me up!"-- On the far other side of the opinion fence, Dean from Staunton, VA wrote, "What the hell does Franky's childhood story of throwing deep fried sauerkraut balls in an Indiana restaurant have to do with the U.S. Nationals in Indiana? You should have made his suspension permanent!"-- And Sarah from Fallon, NV said "Felicia's obsession with Leah Pritchett's eyebrows is ridiculous. How pretty Leah's eyebrows are have no affect on her driving a top fuel dragster!"... Wednesday's regularly scheduled TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER serial series was postponed until next week, due to me wanting to pay tribute to the passing of my old friend Joe Jacono. My blog paying respects to Joe resulted in lots of you also chiming in. Aaron from Pittsfield, MA wrote, "I remember when I was young, seeing Joe race dragsters before he ran funny cars. He was one of the friendliest racers."-- Charlie from Gulfport, FL said, "Doc's tribute to Joe Jacono made this old man cry. It was an article that touched on the heart of drag racing."... My blog expressing thoughts and prayers for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, caused quite a reaction. Angela from Houston, TX said, "Please hug Doc for me. Her words of understanding helped me and my family."-- Randy from Beaumont, TX wrote, "Doc's photo by the big Texas flag said a lot to me. Knowing she cares so much about us makes the day better."... My blog praising the racers, fans and Raceway Park staff for the success of last Sunday's DIGS AT E'TOWN old school drag event  inspired Donald from Montclair, NJ to write, "Meeting Doc at The Digs was the highlight of my whole Summer. The old school drag racing is the best at Englishtown. I'll be at the Monster Bash in October too!"-- Seth from Mineola, NY said, "The Digs are a trip! I had the time of my life. Thanks to Doc for the heads up about it in her blogs.".. Thanks to all of you who wrote in with comments. Even though there's no way we have room to print all your emails, we want you to know that all your comments and suggestions are taken into consideration... Keep those emails comin' (by using the "Contact Us" link atop the page), whether you agree or disagree with mine, or any of our substitute guest bloggers' opinions, we're genuinely interested in your feedback... We just ask that you please keep your emails short and to the point, no rambling please, and please also include where you're from, we often find the location of where folks are writing us from to be sort of interesting. If you want to remain anonymous you can do that too (just write that you want to remain anonymous in the body of your email, and we won't disclose your identity in the event we choose to make a reference to your particular opinion)... Thanks...



It's "FEEDBACK FRIDAY" here at DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND. That means I print excerpts from some of the emails that you readers write in with. I always appreciate you folks who sit down at your keyboard and type me your thoughts and opinions.


Please meet Drag Racing Underground's NHRA race-winner-predicting-duo from Queens, New York. We'd like to introduce Franky & Felicia. They're a couple of sweethearts who have a love for drag racing, and have asked that we give them a shot at making race predictions. They persistently insisted to us that they have what it takes to get the job done. We're continuing to bring them to you now for their third season!! They definitely were not without controversy during their first two seasons!!... Feel free to send us your opinion of them by using the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page... For those of you missing Mike & Barbara, we regret to report that they've been cancelled... Without further ado, we proudly present to you Franky & Felicia and their NHRA predictions...

Franky: Yo! Me and my hot little lady are stoked 'bout giving youse our picks for this weekend's historic Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ya know, Indiana is one of my favorite states outside of New Yawk. When I was a little kid, my whole family made the long drive from New York to visit my cousins in Indiana. I remember Indiana had the best deep-fried sauerkraut balls I've ever tasted. My family got thrown out of an Indiana restaurant on account of me throwing some hot sauerkraut balls at another kid who was making snide remarks about a NY Mets t-shirt I was wearing. That's part of a long story that I ain't necessarily sure I wanna tell. Anyways, I'd be remiss if I didn't say anything about me being suspended from Drag Racing Underground for over a month. All's I'm gonna say is that I don't think it was fair to keep me and Felicia away from all our fans for so freakin' long. Yeah, I called DRU's Stephanie and her hubby's luxury estate in Jersey a "friggin' dump", and I got in a messy traffic altercation brawl on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, and yeah, maybe me and my ex girlfriend had an outstanding warrant for selling pirated movies on Canal Street, yada, yada, yada, whatever, whatever... Hopefully the DRU brass will lighten up and keep me and Felicia doing these racing picks for the rest of the season. Anyways, pull up a chair and read what me and Felicia got to say to youse 'bout the NHRA U.S. Nationals!

Felicia: Right on, Franky, you gorgeous hunk of a man! I thoughts you sez you wasn't gonna talk about anything related to the New Yawk Mets? You promised that you wasn't going to talk about The Mets as much this season, like ya did last season! Drag Racing Underground will be gettin' lots of emails again from all the people complaining about you talkin' 'bout the Mets on this DRAG RACING web page! And I'm glad your long suspension is FINALLY over! We was gone from here waaay too long! My Top Fuel pick for Indianapolis is Leah Pritchett. She won last week at Brainerd. And like I've said many times before, she's got da best darn eyebrows of any of the other dames in the dragster class. I wish I could get my eyebrows to look like hers-- I really do wish dat quite frequently. Watch Leah Pritchett and her Papa John's Pizza powered digger set this weekend on fire at Indy!

Franky: No way is Leah Pritchett gonna win at Indianapolis.  And I don't mean any offense to all the Leah Pritchett fans out there in cyberland, but give me a friggin' break. I know you think she's a shoo-in 'cause she won Brainerd and got multiple wins this year and all that, but I ain't seein' dat happen, dollface. I'm going with Brittany Force and her Monster Energy dragster. I was jumping up and down when she finally won her first event of the year at Epping, New Hampshire. And she blew the timing equipment up recording a unbelievable 332.75 mph pass at Brainerd last week. I know that everyone is gonna send me wisecracking emails for picking Brittany again. So many clowns like calling me a "fanboy" for persistently  picking the highly funded Force girls, but who cares? I'm really feeling that Brittany and her crack crew are gonna dispense some serious whoop ass on the tough NHRA U.S. Nationals field!

Felicia: That sounds corny, Franky. It don't sound like you, using that old tired 'whoop ass' expression?? I thinks maybe you're being coached what to say again by that cockeyed blowhard cousin Enzo of yours from Jersey?!?... I thinks your desire to pick Brittany Force is a form of blinded prognostication. My pick for Funny Car at the U.S. Nationals is Alexis DeJoria. Her Patron Toyota Camry seems to have its combo gettin' dialed in pretty sweet lately, especially since she won her first race of the season last week at Brainerd.  I like her a lot 'cause she aint's afraid to speak her mind just like a real Queens, New Yawk gal like me. She's a cool cookie! I gots that feeling in my belly that Alexis and her Kalitta teammates are gonna get the job done, unless of course, that feeling in my belly is from last night's funky onion dip at our Billy Joel Queens NY chapter fan club party??

Franky: Fugget about Alexis DeJoria she's not the racer I see making headlines this weekend. I respect the gal, BUT this U.S. Nationals ain't gonna be her race by any stretch of your overactive imagination, my fragrant Felicia. My crystal ball is showing me images of Courtney Force in the U.S. Nationals Funny Car winner's circle. She's a skilled broad who always qualifies strong . She won the Traxxas Shootout fan vote lottery thing, so I obviously ain't the only  person who thinks she's a competitive contender. I know that Courtney's got ants in her firepants to score a victory this weekend! Sure, I'll get called a "fanboy" 'cause of me pickin' a celeb like Courtney, but I don't care. I gots thick skin just like my hero Billy Joel. I'm  predicting Courtney's bark to be just as vicious as her bite and that she'll be making some Funny Car history this weekend!

Felicia: Ya know, I hates to say dis, Franky, but I just don't thinks Courtney is going to be all that for this coming U.S. Nationals event. Sorry 'bout dat, even though I admire her for handling a nitro car wit da best of 'em, I don't see her winning in Indiana. And I thinks you got that whole bite and bark thing backwards... Ya know, I get a lot of flack from many of you readers about me always talkin' 'bout myself, likes I ain't supposed to talk about myself?!? Geeeez, what kinda fun can a gal have if she ain't talkin' 'bout herself?!? Many of you smarty pants complain about me to management, 'cause you thinks I'm nothin' but a crazy bird from Queens. Whatever... For this weekend's race, I'm making me a Pro Stock pick that I've repeatedly made a few time already this season, though unlike Franky, at least I ain't been makin' the same Pro Stock pick of picking, uh, Erica Enders, for the last two years, jeeez!! I gots an itch on my shoulder to pick 2nd generation sensation Vincent Nobile for Pro Stock. I like guys from Dix Hills, New Yawk. And I thinks that Nobile and his Mountainview Tire Camaro team are gonna win that new 'battle of the burnouts' contest that NHRA is havin' at Indy. I believe Nobile and crew are gonna turn on the heavy, honeybuns!

Franky: I don't agree, sweetcakes. I thinks you're delusional with that Pro Stock pick. I realize that Vincent Nobile is one tough doorslammin' guy, and I like the fact that he's sorta from our neck of the woods, but I'm just not feelin' him as hitting a winning note at the U.S. Nationals. And I sure don't appreciate you crackin' wise about my longtime admiration for Erica Enders, Felicia! Once again, you can bet that 'm stickin' to my guns, staying loyal, and betting all my jollyrocks on Erica Enders. I'm still psyched about Erica's earlier season win at Epping. She proved that ya gotta believe!  I still believe that she's developing her old winning swagger back at the wheel of her Chevy Camaro.  Her reaction times are still fierce. I'm also excited 'bout her participating in the SAM Tech Factory Stock Showdown at Indy!  And yeah, I can see all the hate mail coming my way now. All the haters who call me a "fanboy" because I still root for Erica, they gets me madder than Billy Joel driving his car through a Long Island pizzeria's window!! Erica Enders is a serious racer when she's out on the track, she sort of reminds me of how you get, Felicia, when you're playing dodge ball with those wise-cracking kids down at the Queens Borough Youth Recreation Center. You get that really intense game face of yours going on just like Erica does when she's driving.

Felicia: I hopes we did good, honey.

Franky: We picked 'em babe. 'Cause we're a couple of classy winners who know how to pick da winners.




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(Editor's note: Being that it's Wednesday, we originally planned to publish our regularly scheduled TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER feature today, however, Doc felt that with the recent passing of her friend Joe Jacono, she'd prefer to say some words of remembrance for him in today's blog. THE PHANTOM series will return next Wednesday. Stephanie)

I received word that my longtime dear friend Joe Jacono just passed away. This is news that's hard for me to absorb. Ever since meeting Joe several years ago at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, he's remained as one of the pioneers of the sport who really made a positive impression on yours truly, and stamped himself into my mind's psyche as being a genuine gentleman with a super sense of humor. Another old buddy of mine, Bob Rosetty, used to run Joe's original '73 "Rollin' Stoned" 'Cuda Funny Car in bracket classes at E'Town. For the longest time, Bob was unaware that the car was the original "Rollin' Stoned", 'cause the original paint scheme was painted over -- Then, finally, Bob figured it out, and made the monumental effort of restoring the car back to "Rollin' Stoned" trim, and tracking down a retired Joe Jacono in Florida, and convincing him to get back in the driver's seat. Such an epic effort that Bob put in to make all that enchanting drag racing magic happen. One of my fondest drag racing memories was interviewing Bob and Joe together at E'Town when they brought the car out to run on the historic Raceway strip. They were both giddy with joy -- really having the kind of fun that makes all the grunt work it takes to go drag racing worth it. One of the best things I admired about Joe is that he would stick up for me back when the Nostalgia Funny Car scene was infected with blowhard bigot bullies, who didn't really take kindly to the idea of a gal like me making the scene. Joe was enough of a real man to do that for me. We're all going to miss having Joe physically around in this mortal world in the conventional sense, but I'm sure that Joe's spirit is lively enough that it still remains among us in the less conventional and more metaphysical manner... Joe's the kind of guy whose memory and soul is going to stick around drag racing for a long, long while. My sincere condolences to Joe's family... We love ya, Joe... Thanks for everything and all the love you gave us... I can guarantee that you'll never be forgotten...



Yours truly, Bob Rosetty and Joe Jacono all together at ETown with the restored "Rollin' Stoned". Good times.

I have to admit, over the last couple days, while I've been having so much fun at the Starland Ballroom on Saturday night watching my friend Johnny Kelly's band perform, and then hanging out with lots of friends at THE DIGS AT E'TOWN drags on Sunday, I've kind of felt a little guilty enjoying myself, while knowing that so many of our brothers and sisters down in Texas are going through so much pain and suffering. I've even felt a little guilty about not saying anything about the Texas situation on the blog until today... BUT, today, I definitely do want to use this blog page to exclusively address the horror of the Hurricane Harvey disaster, and show my concern and compassion for all the folks who are currently hurting as a result of Mother Nature's wicked wrath. From watching the footage on television, it's unbelievable how so many people are now displaced from their homes. The flooding appears to be of unprecedented proportion... The only somewhat positive thing I can think of from all this, is that it's finally bringing our conflicted country together. I recall when Superstorm Sandy hit my neck of the woods, there were alt-right conservative republicans from Texas, who were so vehemently opposed to approving any emergency funds for New York and New Jersey, they thought is wasn't the federal government's "responsibility" to help the northeast -- well, at least now, we see some of those very same politicians completely changing their tune, and realizing that we are a nation, and as a nation, it's only right that we use the financial strength of the federal government to aid our people in crisis. It's just a shame that, THAT'S what it took to wake up chumps like Ted Cruz and some of his other cockeyed "baby men" cohorts... Good Lord!-- We are a nation of one!!! -- why does it take such a horrible event like Hurricane Harvey for some of these fools in power to finally realize that?!?-- Geez, maybe now those idiots will stop talking about how they believe that Texas should "secede from the Union" and all the other mindless garbage they've been spewing over the years -- such utter stupidity from such utter fools... Our thoughts and prayers go out to ALL those Americans who are now enduring trauma in Texas. And we're also keeping the people of Louisiana in our prayers, as they too, may be vulnerable to Hurricane Harvey's reach... Hang in there... Stay Strong... And always remember, no matter what some cockeyed politicians or alt-right nazi media monsters may want you to believe, we are all united, not to be divided as Americans... We must be there for each other in times of trouble. THAT'S our AMERICA -- Don't ever forget it...



I want to tell everyone what a blast I had at THE DIGS AT E'TOWN's "Hot Fun Sunday" yesterday. Actually, the weather wasn't that hot at all, in a rare August break, the temperature and humidity were unseasonably cool and comfortable, but with still plenty of bright sun -- a great combination of climate for enjoying a day of old school and traditional drag racing. The car count and number of fans who showed up was high in number. The Ida Automotive Gasser Shootout was spectacular. Lots of cars were dragging the 1/8th mile strip. Many hot rods, show cars and muscle cars packed in the pits. The live bands were a gas, they really rocked the joint. It was neat to meet several of you who read this blog with regularity and who made the effort to find me there and introduce yourself and your families -- it was my pleasure to sign some hats, t-shirts and stuff. The always on-the-ball Raceway Park staff did an excellent job of keeping the day running smooth... Please keep in mind that THE DIGS' season finale happens Sunday October 29th 9am-4pm, for the annual "Monster Bash" event. It's no secret that the end of season "Monster Bash" with a Halloween theme is a "must see" sort of hip shindig. Make sure you mark your calendar NOW for that one!!!



A fave from yesterday's DIGS AT E'TOWN. Bob Bennett's '68 Mercury Montego with a 302 Boss under the hood.

For those of you in my neck of the woods, who read this blog early in the day, and still haven't made solid plans for yourself today... Please keep in mind that TODAY Sunday August 27th is THE DIGS AT E'TOWN'S "HOT FUN SUNDAY" old school & traditional drag racing event at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. It's happening 9am-4pm at Raceway's 1/8th mile strip (enter at airport gate #4). Those of you who read this blog with regularity know that I believe "THE DIGS" is the most fun and "family friendly" nostalgia drag racing scene on the entire planet  -- because quite frankly -- IT IS!!!... See old school drags, hot rods, show cars, muscle cars, the IDA Automotive Gasser Shootout and more!! There's also great live bands, good food and good times for all!!... Free tech card with paid admission for all pre 1965 hot rods, customs, and U.S. bikes -- Detroit muscle cars and street freaks thru 1979... Be there TODAY!!!... And please don't forget that THE DIGS "MONSTER BASH" is scheduled for Sunday October 29th (Don't cha miss that one either!!). For more information about THE DIGS AT E'TOWN visit racewaypark.com... Oh, and one more thing... -- I want to thank Johnny Kelly and his new band Silvertomb for a great performance last night at the Starland Ballroom in nearby Sayreville, NJ,  (editor's note: Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative/Danzig fame does a guest appearance on the upcoming Big Stick LP release). Last night was a wonderful benefit concert for various children's charities at the Starland venue. It was groovy to see a few of you nice folks there who found out about the gig from reading about it here on my blog yesterday-- Thanks for showing up and introducing yourselves to me!! It was fun to see my musician buddies play exceptional music while helping out a worthy charity event for kids. It was a night of good people and music that I'll cherish forever...



Come on out to THE DIGS AT E'TOWN at Raceway Park TODAY SUN AUG 27th for the time of your life!!!

Coming tomorrow August 27th 9am-4pm is THE DIGS AT E'TOWN'S "HOT FUN SUNDAY" old school & traditional drag racing event at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. It happens at Raceway's 1/8th mile strip (enter at airport gate #4). Those of you who read this blog with regularity are already well aware that I believe "THE DIGS" is the most fun and "family friendly" nostalgia drag racing scene on the planet  -- because quite frankly -- IT IS!!!... See old school drags, hot rods, show cars, muscle cars, the IDA Automotive Gasser Shootout and more!! There's also great live bands, good food and good times for all!!... Free tech card with paid admission for all pre 1965 hot rods, customs, and U.S. bikes -- Detroit muscle cars and street freaks thru 1979... Be there THIS SUNDAY!!!... And don't forget that THE DIGS "MONSTER BASH" is scheduled for Sunday October 29th (Don't cha miss that one either!!) For more information about THE DIGS AT E'TOWN visit racewaypark.com... Oh, and one more thing -- for those of you into the music scene, tonight (Sat 26th) at the Starland Ballroom in nearby Sayreville, NJ, our friends Johnny Kelly (who did a guest spot on the upcoming Big Stick LP) and Kenny Hinkey, both of them being good fellows of Type O Negative fame, will be debuting their new band SilverTomb at a special benefit concert for various kids charities. SilverTomb goes on around 9:30pm. Of course I'll be there to see my buddies play and help out a worthy charity event...



Come on out to THE DIGS AT E'TOWN at Raceway Park THIS SUNDAY AUGUST 27th for the time of your life!!!