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I want to congratulate Courtney Force on her big Funny Car win at the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals. This past weekend she managed to pull off the 11th win by a women in 2014 NHRA national event competition. In the first round she put Tony Pedregon on the trailer. Second round she stomped teammate Robert "Top Gun" Hight. Third round saw Courtney crush tough cookie Tommy Johnson Jr. In the final round she managed to defeat one of the class' most feared competitors Del Worsham in his dastardly DHL backed Toyota Camry flopper... Courtney Force and her Traxxas Ford Mustang were No. 1 on the qualifying roster for the Texas event, this makes it the second time this season she's won a race from the pole position. Courtney is currently ranked fourth in the season's points standings. Her dad, John, still remains the Funny Car points leader. The Force family are making things awfully hard for the other teams trying to get ahead in the category. It's also worth noting that Ron Capps and Alexis DeJoria are now tied for fifth in points following the Texas Fall Nationals-- THAT'S a Funny Car points duel that you know is going to be hotly contested as the 2014 "countdown" plays out... Courtney Force is on the warpath. NHRA's most personable professional female racing personality is a charming lady with her eye on the prize.



From the Drag Racing Underground video and image archives. Now the largest in the world.


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I've been graciously asked to tell you about the upcoming 3rd annual RACE OF GENTLEMEN scheduled for Friday-Sunday, October 3rd-5th, 2014, on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. The event is being proudly presented by the Oiler's Car Club. It's a beach party and race the likes of which has not been seen in decades! Before America had racetracks or even straight roads, a driver tested his machine of the beach to find its performance capabilities and limits. This is a true old school shindig where traditional and period correctness is a necessity and a priority. Cars that are pre-1935 and motorcycles that are pre-1948 are the stars of of this outrageous October weekend in Wildwood. To see old jalopies and motorcycles running all out on the Jersey shoreline is a real treat. Below is a condensed schedule of the event. I highly recommend it for old fashioned family fun in a scenic seaside environment...

Friday, Oct 3rd - The Race of Gentlemen Pre-Party w/Dice Magazine; Chopper Exhibit: 6pm - ? @ Special Wildwood location TBA
Saturday, Oct 4th - The Race Day!!! : 8am gates open, Race begins 10am; Vintage Motorcycles & Autos race on the beach at the water's edge ALL DAY!
Saturday Evening - Beach Party : 8pm - Midnight ; Live Rock n' Roll & Bonfire.
Sunday, Oct 5th - The Racing Continues!!! : 8am gates open, racing begins 10am; Vintage Motorcycles & Autos race on the beach at the water's edge ALL DAY!


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It seems as if when walking through the pits at any major drag racing event of late, you see drivers and crew members seriously discussing one of only two different subjects, either they're talking about the NHRA "countdown" OR they're conversing about drag racing's most "radical" teen psychic tipster, our very own Zagar... As you are well aware, Zagar is one half of Drag Racing Underground's psychic sibling tipster duo. Fortunately Zagar's sister Juniper seems to avoid all the pitfalls of success that have recently plagued her brother. Once again Zagar has been suspended from his official "race prediction duties" due to a "behavioral incident". While I'm not at liberty to disclose exactly what Zagar did related to the "incident", I can tell you that it resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in damages to his parents' property... When questioned about the "incident" and his latest suspension, Zagar glibly replied, "The superstars who play in the NFL get suspended all the time, so I must be a superstar too!!"-- That sort of reckless rational just doesn't make much sense to me. I think it's really a sad situation when the, ahem, "pros" of the NFL are leading our young people like Zagar to believe that it's "okay" to "behave badly"... That said, on the brighter side of this latest development, Zagar has been scheduled to receive more psychological counseling, and hopefully he'll be back to making his incredible and uncanny NHRA racing predictions in the not-too-distant future (keep your fingers crossed)... There's no denying by the number of emails we receive, that despite some of you NOT liking Zagar, there's a heck of a lot more of you who LOVE the kid and his sister... We asked Juniper if she'd be willing to share her psychic predictions for the NHRA Texas Fall Nationals and any other NHRA events while Zagar's suspended, and she declined, telling us that she only wants to give us her picks if she can do so with her brother. We respect Juniper's position and her dedication to her brother, and we won't press her any further on the issue... I promise to keep you updated on this matter if and when I receive any additional information through the Drag Racing Underground grapevine. We wish Zagar and his family the best. And we look forward to the brother and sister psychic team returning to their NHRA predictions as soon as reasonably possible.

Today is "FEEDBACK FRIDAY", meaning I deal with emails that my assistant Stephanie and I receive from readers regarding our most recent blogs... Let's get right to your feedback... Yesterday's blog regarding psychic sibling tipster Zagar being suspended again from his duties due to another "behavioral incident" ignited a firestorm of emails. Zagar's suspension resulted in the cancellation of him and his sister Juniper's NHRA Fall Nationals predictions scheduled to run this past Thursday. Zagar and his sister Juniper's predictions have become a popular feature. Here's just a small handful of condensed comments from some of you readers. Lauren from Glenview ILL wrote, "I say a prayer daily for Zagar. I hope he beats his inner demons and returns soon to predicting the winners. He's such a cute young boy." -- On the other side of the coin, Abner from Montgomery AL said, "When I was a kid, if I ever carried on like Zagar I'd get a severe whooping!"-- Tom from Quebec, Canada wrote, "Zagar is all drama. Why not just feature his sister Juniper's predictions and dump the bratty pompous kid?!-- Juniper refuses to do the prediction blog solo. She insists on only working if she can do so with her brother. We have to respect her decision here at Drag Racing Underground, Tom. And we believe that Zagar deserves another chance to get his act together... Wednesday's 31st chapter of our TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER serial series resulted in lots of you writing in. Flavian from all the way in Sydney, Australia said, "It's about time that the crew had a happy ending. I hope they can all enjoy Fred The Wrench's birthday without more evil interruptions!"-- Once again Gary from Wellington, OH wrote in, this time saying, "The Michigan Mopar Mole Monster doesn't deserve to drive a 1969 Dodge Super Bee. I'm glad that Peter The Parrot pulled the car's keys from the ignition after Sebastian knocked the monster out!"-- Peter from Inkster, MI said, "I can't wait for the crew to arrive at U.S. 131 Dragway. That's my favorite drag strip in the whole wide world!"-- Thanks to all of you Phantom Racer fans who wrote in this week... Tuesday's blog acknowledging 2014 as officially being the year to "TAKE A DATE TO THE DRAGS" resulted in quite a few emails. Bethany from Azuso, CA said, "My husband asked me to go with him to the drag races for our first date. We've been happy ever after now for 27 years. I think your relationship expert Ms. Emma is a genius."-- A different point of view comes from Jeff of Camp Hill, PA who says, "The last thing I want when I go to the track is some pain in the *** woman tagging along. Your Ms. Emma reminds me of my first wife. A real dingbat she was!"-- Uh, you sound like quite a grump, Jeff... Keep those emails comin' (by using the "Contact Us" link atop the page), whether you agree or disagree with mine, or any of our substitute guest bloggers' opinions, we're genuinely interested in your feedback... We just ask that you please keep your emails short and to the point, no rambling please, and please also include where you're from, we often find the location of where folks are writing us from to be sort of interesting. If you want to remain anonymous you can do that too (just write that you want to remain anonymous in the body of your email, and we won't disclose your identity in the event we choose to make a reference to your particular opinion)... Thanks...



It's "FEEDBACK FRIDAY" here at DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND. That means I print excerpts from some of the emails that you readers write in with. I always appreciate you folks who sit down at your keyboard and type me your thoughts and opinions.

Illustration courtesy of Drag Racing Underground's own John Gill. Copyright 2014.


We originally scheduled Juniper's and Zagar's predictions for the NHRA Texas Fall Nationals to be featured in today's blog installment. However, due to a recent "behavioral incident" with Zagar, we've been forced to once again suspend him from his tipster duties. We asked Juniper if she'd be willing to offer up her predictions for today's blog, but she declined, telling us that she didn't want to "go solo" without her brother, and that she'd much rather wait until if and when Zagar's suspension is lifted for her to return. Evidently Juniper doesn't want to do the job alone.  We respect her decision and didn't press her any further. Drag Racing Underground's psychic sibling tipsters will hopefully return to this page sooner than later. Drag Racing Underground management realizes that there's lots of you who enjoy reading their NHRA picks.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Break the conventional chains which bind you to the belief that the only things in this world that exist are those we're able to touch and see in daylight. Ever heard of quantum physics?-- Many credible physicists and scientists from the world's most prestigious of learning institutions now believe that parallel universes exist all around us-- We are likely surrounded by spectacular space, time, energy, and matter anomalies that boggle the brain, proving that what was once thought to be fantasy and fiction, can now be believed as truth and fathomable fact ... We offer you a slice of hard science, combined with sporadic sprinklings of paranormal phenomena, as we here at Drag Racing Underground, proudly present to you... TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER... Step out of the narrow-minded mist that encircles those who wear their stagnate skepticism like an outdated peach-colored leisure suit, and allow yourself the freedom to follow the adventures of drag racing's infinite and most indestructible spirit... Pull up a chair, toss your inhibitions aside, and ride along with one Sebastian Conrad, strong spirited eternal speed freak extraordinaire.


Last week's episode told of how our favorite metaphysical/afterlife drag racing dream team were continuing their quest to celebrate Fred The Wrench's birthday. The crew embarked on a trip through parallel universes, in order to buy Fred some CARtoons and drag 'zines at drag strip swap meets. The group is time-traveling with one of the heavenly hot rod organization's most prized of possessions, a beaming black 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe woody station wagon powered by four blown Hemi engines! The wagon is stretched out to accommodate several passengers, and it features all-wheel drive with fat drag slicks all around... An inebriated Fred The Wrench, along with his courageous cohorts endured an unsettling experience while attempting to enter the pay gate at a swap meet at Muskogee Drag-A-Way in Oklahoma circa 1973. On the brink of a brawl with an over-zealous, judgmental security guard, Larry Lamb performed a thick smokin' burnout at the wheel of the wild wagon. While engulfed in smoke, our guys and gal dematerialized and disappeared... They then decided to materialize in Michigan circa 1969. They discreetly materialized with their raucous ride behind an abandon girdle warehouse, a few miles from U.S. 131 Dragway (the drag strip where they wanted to attempt attending a different swap meet). Sebastian was now occupying the driver's seat, and Larry Lamb moved to the back with Maria Conrad and Peter The Parrot. Fred The Wrench is sitting in the front passenger seat. Sebastian was driving the wagon aggressively fast on a rural road, only to be pulled over by the MICHIGAN MOPAR MOLE MONSTER, a creature looking like a humongous man-sized, rabid, sinister, shrew mole-faced anomaly. The monster's driving a souped-up '69 Dodge Super Bee with flashing lights on the roof, and wearing a police looking uniform. The beast is impersonating a cop in order to get our do-gooders to stop. Not until our crew actually saw the creature exiting its phony police cruiser did they come to the realization that they were in for even more terrible trouble on Fred's birthday...


"GET OUT OF THE CAR, PUNK!!!" is heard from the ghastly uniformed being now standing directly next to Sebastian's car door... "I SAID GET OUT OF THE CAR, PUNK!!" shouts the imposing figure... "Uh, this is NOT a REGULAR police officer!!" squawks Peter The Parrot... "Unfortunately we're receiving a surprise visit from the metaphysical MICHIGAN MOPAR MOLE MONSTER!!" interjects leader Larry Lamb. ... Maria Conrad apprehensively takes a glance at the creature through the wagon's windows and starts screaming and shrieking!!... "I SAID GET OUT OF THE CAR, PUNK!!!" shouts the cryptic being again with its fanged, shrew mole mouth, "GET OUT OF THE CAR OR I'M GOING TO DO SOMETHING SO GHASTLY AND GRUESOME, THAT NONE OF YOUR HEAVENLY BACK-UP SPIRITS FROM THE FLUFFY CLOUDS ABOVE WILL BE ABLE TO SAVE YOUR FAIRY-DUSTED, ENCHANTED, ELITIST, DO-GOODER, SAPPY SOULS!!!"... "HEY," shouts back a drunken Fred, "WE AINT'S ELITISTS!!! DON'T YOU DARE CALL US THAT!!!"... The brazen beast starts violently rocking the wagon back and forth... "I SAID TO GET THE **** OUT OF THE CAR!!! THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'M SAYING IT!!!" shouts the ghoulish, police impersonating warlock of a creature... Sebastian unhooks his safety harnesses and tells his associates, "I'm getting out of this wagon and confronting this beast RIGHT NOW!!"... "NOOOO!!" yells a frantic Maria, "HE LOOKS DANGEROUS, HONEY!!"... Larry tries to ease Maria's panic by putting an assuring hoof on her shoulder and saying, "Your husband is a bold spirit. He'll handle this. If not, I'll metaphysically step in and have his back.".... Sebastian quickly darts out his car door and finds himself in the presence of a towering tyrant, a half-man, half-animal abomination of a parallel dimension... "YOU AREN'T AN OFFICER OF THE LAW" Sebastian boldly shouts at the ghoul, "GO BACK INTO YOUR MOPAR SUPER-BEE MUSCLE CAR MASQUERADING AS A POLICE CAR AND SCRAM!!"... Fred, Peter, Larry and Maria are all pensively watching from inside the woody wagon to see what transpires next...


"I DON'T TAKE ORDERS FROM SOME GOODY-TWO-SHOES PUNK," shouts back the Michigan Mopar Mole Monster while gobs of green, ghoulish drool bubble from its foul mouth, "I'VE BEEN SENT FROM THE DARK SIDE TO PUT A PERMANENT END TO YOUR  PHANTOM RACER  HEROICS!!!"... "HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?" replies a startled Sebastian as he tries to suppress any fear the monster could feed off of... "YOU THINK THE DARK SIDE HASN'T TAKEN NOTICE OF YOU AND YOUR LAME DO-GOODER BUDDIES?!?" says the creepy being as it puts its claws firmly around Sebastian's throat... "Enough of this," Larry Lamb says, "I BELIEVE I MUST INTERVENE IMMEDIATELY!!!"... Larry steps out of the wagon and miraculously makes his wooly fleece glow golden while dozens of summoned angelic fairies fly around him... "HA!! IT'S NONE OTHER THAN THE RIGHTEOUS DEBONAIR DOPE WHO CALLS HIMSELF LARRY LAMB," shouts the monster as more gurgling goop drips from its mouth, "WHAT DO YOU PLAN ON DOING WITH THOSE FUTILE, FREAKY LITTLE FLYING FAIRIES YOU SUMMONED, MR. LAME LAMB CHOP?!?"... Just then, the little fairies all ignited burning torches and furiously flew straight into the creature's gory mouth... Maria and Peter watching from inside the car are hopeful as they see the Michigan Mopar Mole Monster suddenly struggling to remain standing... Larry's swarm of flying fairies are causing the beast to lose balance and falter... Sebastian seizes the opportunity to take advantage of the creature's moment of weakness, and musters all his strength to grab up the ghastly ghoul and stuff him back into his phony police cruiser... Peter the Parrot flies to Sebastian's aid, pulling the Super Bee's keys from the ignition with his beak, so that the monster will no longer be able to pursue them... Sebastian throws a punch at the creature's face and knocks it unconscious... "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE," blurts Sebastian, as him, Larry Lamb and Peter The Parrot rapidly return to the woody wagon and get inside... "GOOD LORD!!" says Maria, "MY FIRST TRIP WITH YOU GUYS AND I CAN'T BELIEVE THE WEIRDNESS YOU GO THROUGH!!... Sebastian stabs the accelerator and peels away from the scene at warp speed... "WHOOOMP!!" goes the blown woody wagon's four engines as it speeds to a daring escape... "ARE WE FINALLY GONNA BE LEFT ALONE BY ALL THE CREEPS OF THE METAPHYSICAL UNIVERSES SO THAT WE CAN GO SHOPPING AT A SWAP MEET FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENTS?!?!" shouts a tipsy Fred The Wrench... "Yes," replies Larry Lamb while trying to gain his composure, "We're off again to U.S. 131 Dragway. We're going to give you a good birthday, Fred, even if it kills us!!"... "Uh," squawks Peter The Parrot, "I sure hope it DOESN'T kill us!!"... "Hey," says a perplexed Maria, "I thought we're already dead?!?"... Everyone in the blown woody wagon collectively gets a long, hearty laugh as a result of Maria's profound words... "We're spirits, my dear... We're benevolent spirits of the paranormal afterlife!!" says Sebastian as he sports a grin and rapidly drives on...



Yes, my dear friends, this is the mysterious mind-bending-hereafter rebirth, and puzzling parallel universe relocation of the bewildering being, energy, and entity we call THE PHANTOM RACER... Fred The Wrench's birthday celebration has once again escaped extreme sinister misfortune! The MICHIGAN MOPAR MOLE MONSTER is left in the dust, knocked unconscious, seated in his now disabled '69 Super Bee... Our crew have seemingly regained their metaphysical bearings, and are happily on their way to a swap meet at U.S. 131 Dragway in Martin, Michigan, in their quest of having a happy birthday celebration for Fred!!... They've time-traveled to the year 1969 aboard their bold, blown, four-engined woody wagon... It's Maria's very first trip out of the heavenly headquarters with the boys, and she's astonished by the weird encounters our team endures...  Will peace and harmony FINALLY be attained for Fred The Wrench's birthday celebration??...  What's going to happen next??... What's in store for our drag racing paranormal dream team as they continue to embark on unpredictable drag racing adventures throughout the parallel universes??... Can they all hold it together and successfully champion the powers of good??... Or will they fall victim to evil entities they cannot control???... These are just a few of the mind-twisting questions to be answered in future action-packed episodes of TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER!!... There's more paranormal mystical and maniacal drag race mayhem coming your way!!... You definitely do not want to miss it...


Stayed tuned next Wednesday for the next chapter of the serial paranormal drama series we call TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER... Be sure that YOU follow the story of Sebastian Conrad... Bookmark this page and BE HERE every Wednesday!!... You can read prior episodes of TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER by simply clicking on the 'DOC'S BLOG' link that's conveniently located atop this page, and then scrolling to her Wednesday blog installments (because this series is published here each and every Wednesday).  TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER story and imagery are copyright 2014 DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND.


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During a brainstorming teleconference featuring several of the great minds of the Drag Racing Underground administrative dream team, one of our newest members, renowned motorsports relationship expert Ms. Emma came up with an absolutely ingenious concept... Being that so many people on the drag racing internet are constantly whining and complaining about seeing empty seats at the drags, Ms. Emma came up with an idea to hopefully diminish that dilemma. Ms. Emma suggested that we officially declare 2014 as the year to "TAKE A DATE TO THE DRAGS"!!... That's right, let's make 2014 the year when it's all the vogue to ask strangers you meet at the grocery store, prospective love & romance interests, life partners, and even longtime spouses to join you for a date at the drag races... There's still some remaining drag racing season left in 2014, so if you haven't made a date for the drags yet, you best get to it right now!!... Just be sure to make the date at a reputable drag strip you already know has clean rest rooms, good food, and plenty of modern comforts. For example, here in my neck of the woods, in the northeastern region of the nation, the world-class facility of Old Bridge Township Raceway Park would make for a perfect drag strip to plan a fun-filled date! You can both dress casually, since formal dress isn't required at the drags-- This should make for a less stressful date for both parties... And since you're reading this blog, and you are most likely already a drag racer and/or a drag racing fan, when you take a new acquaintance on a date to the drags, you'll know right off the bat whether or not your date would be tolerant of your long term "love affair" with drag racing, and if so, then it will make a lot more sense for you to further pursue a relationship (or maybe even marriage?) with that person!!--  Because it's much better to know whether or not a prospective mate is "drag racing friendly" sooner than later... Hey, maybe you'll even hit the romance jackpot, and your time at the drag races will result in your date actually falling in love with the sport, and even subsequently falling in love with you?!?...  Let's all spread this ingenious idea around to family and friends, and hopefully this concept will put more people in the grandstands, while also reducing the number of drag racing folks currently belonging to the lonely hearts club... It's a win/win situation that we should all work to promote and make happen... Yeah! 2014 is the official year to bring a date to the drag races!!...



2014 is now officially declared by the Drag Racing Underground administration as the year to "TAKE A DATE TO THE DRAGS"!! We're proud to launch this ingenious marketing strategy designed to put more people in the grandstands, while also reducing the massive numbers of lonely hearts in the drag racing community. It's a win/win situation for sure!!

People are calling this the most ingenious drag racing oriented media campaign of the new millennium!!


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I want to give folks a heads-up regarding the 38th annual Fall Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Shows event scheduled for Friday-Sunday September 26-28, 2014... There's 300 acres of pavement, hundreds of cars, hundreds of vendors, thousands of parts and so much more!!... This event is always one that provides great family oriented fun for everyone. It's a fine way to spend your time, perusing the grounds, seeing and experiencing things that you'll only find at a high-quality super swap meet like this one. Just about anything you can possibly imagine can be found and purchased at the Fall Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Shows. Adult admission is only $10 and children under the age of 12 are FREE!!... So many groovy and interesting vehicles are on display to dazzle your eyes. My absolute favorite part of the car show is the Vinnie & Richard Napp Memorial Cup... So many hard-to-find car parts and accessories are on sale at this spectacular shindig-- This is a "must attend" event for those seeking out specialty items that aren't usually found at your typical highway auto parts store... This gala gathering happens rain or shine... Spectator parking is FREE... P.C. Richard & Son are presenting this event-- They're a great group of REAL auto enthusiasts, their stores are the tops with me... Official hotels for the event include E.Windsor Days Inn located in Hightstown, Holiday Inn East Windsor, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites in West Long Branch, and the Radisson Hotel in fabulous Freehold... Be sure to mark your calendar for September 26-28 and bring the family out to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park for the 38th annual Fall Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Shows...




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Today we have the trusty Stephanie substituting for The Doc. At this time Doc is occupied with her Big Stick related recording responsibilities. We believe Doc will be back on the clock for tomorrow's edition of her blog. Please enjoy Stephanie's Snapshot of the Day... This installment features a photograph that Doc snapped at E'Town's OLD TIME DRAGS & FUNNY CAR REUNION event at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Besides her various other talents, Doc's become quite the accomplished and award winning photographer. And speaking of photographers, what we see here is veteran drag racing photographer Dave DeAngelis' tribute to the late Lew Arrington's BRUTUS 1971 Mustang Funny Car. Out of the current crop of nostalgia themed Floppers, this ranks as one of the most pristine. Longtime nostalgia drag racing scenester Bob Rosetty of Funny Farm fabrication is responsible for the chassis and aluminum work. Chuck Buckler did the paint and Glendale Collision did the beautiful bodywork ... If you'd like to see the best in nostalgia themed drag racing dvds, look no further than Drag Racing Underground. Get your mitts on Drag Racing Underground's NOSTALGIA RAW and/or FUNNY CAR REUNION RAW dvds (click on the VIDEO CATALOG link at the top center of this page to check them out). Hardcore racers and fans across the globe agree that Drag Racing Underground dvds are the most entertaining full-length drag racing features known to all mankind!

Tribute Funny Cars are all the rage these days. Dave DeAngelis' BRUTUS Mustang is certainly one of the better of the bunch.

Please get out to your local drag strip and do your part to support the old school drag racing movement.

Just a reminder that TODAY and TONIGHT Saturday, September 13th, is the 38th Annual U.S. DIESEL TRUCKIN' NATIONALS & MOTORSPORTS SPECTACULAR at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. If you're still contemplating what you want to do today and/or tonight, I strongly suggest that you bring the family out to Raceway Park for this exciting event!!... We all know that trucks play a big role in our nation's colorful culture. And this show celebrates that fact with a wide variety of dandy diesel trucks coming from near and far to dazzle your senses-- This is a huge gathering that provides plenty of family fun for everyone!! Over 2000 of our country's finest diesel trucks will be showing off and racing all morning and afternoon. Lots of chrome, shine, glitz and pristine trucks will be on the property for this fun-filled extravaganza! There's also an incredible mammoth-sized Manufacturers Midway that will blow you away with its truly massive volume of ultra-interesting exhibitors and vendors. Meet Alex Debogorski from the History Channel's hit TV series Ice Road Truckers!!.. PLUS there's going to be CAR CRUSHING MONSTER TRUCKS (including my favorite, the "HIGHER EDUCATION" Monster School Bus!), and there's also going to be Jet Funny Cars and Jet Dragsters making lots of fierce and ferocious fire!!-- Bob Motz Jet Powered Kenworth is on the bill!!-- There's going to be all sorts of THRILL SHOW acts lighting up the sky when the night time comes!!... I highly recommend this show for great wholesome family oriented fun! Gates open at 9am, Diesel Truck times trials 10am, Truck Eliminations 1pm, and the THRILL SHOW portion of the show kicks off at 7pm sharp. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the Monster Trucks and the superb motorsports spectacle that this event has to offer!!


Today & Tonight Sept 13 is the U.S. DIESEL TRUCKIN' NATLS & MOTORSPORTS SPECTACULAR at Raceway Park!

From the Drag Racing Underground video and image archives. Now the largest in the world