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I believe it's pretty darn newsworthy that during yesterday's racing at the NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, we witnessed the third pro final round in history featuring a pair of female finalists. It was Angelle Sampey and Karen Stoffer facing off in the ultra-competitive Pro Stock Motorcycle final round. Sampey activated the dreaded red bulb while Stoffer stormed the Norwalk strip for the big win. It was no easy task for Stoffer to get to the final round, she defeated some of the Pro Stock Motorcycle contingents fiercest and heaviest of hitters, including Matt Smith, Eddie "E'Town" Krawiec, and LE Tonglet. There's no slouches in that ladder. That's quite a major accomplishment in the two-wheeled Pro Stock field... This was Stoffer's second win of the 2015 season and the eighth of her NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle career. I'd like to congratulate Karen and her Stoffer Enterprises Suzuki team on making some history in Ohio. The Pro Stock bikes as a whole are making for some genuinely interesting racing this season. Anything can happen!! Keep an eye on 'em, folks!!



Karen Stoffer made some NHRA drag racing history in Norwalk, Ohio, yesterday with her two-wheeled win.


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I've received more emails than I expected regarding folks asking my opinion of NHRA's recent changing of the guard. For those of you who aren't aware, NHRA is the National Hot Rod Association, the largest sanctioning body in the sport of drag racing... NHRA announced that Peter Clifford, the organization's longtime executive vice president and general manager, has been promoted to president. Clifford succeeds Tom Compton, who announced his retirement from the NHRA following 15 years as president. I met Tom Compton back when he first landed his big NHRA gig. We were both at a glitzy press conference in Manhattan (New York City), hosted by the WWF (now known as the WWE), when the wrestling organization were heavily involved in sponsoring a couple of  Nitro Funny Car teams. I genuinely like Tom Compton. I think he's a good guy and I wish him the very best in his future endeavors... I'm hoping that new president Peter Clifford can take the NHRA by the reins and navigate it in a way that gives the sport momentum and a steady ride through this new millennium. I'm not here to give you one of those long-winded, self absorbed, self-indulgent sort of editorials about this issue, like you've probably seen everywhere else on the internet. All's I have to say, my only input that I feel the need to express, is that I'd like to see NHRA focus on the task of making members of the regional press more aware and interested in the sport of drag racing, so we see more regional coverage.  I know it's not easy, and the competition from other sports and recreational venues for the attention of regional journalists is almost as tough as the competition on the drag strip during an actual NHRA event. I get that. However, I do believe it's necessary to pump up the efforts to get more regional print and electronic journalists covering NHRA drag racing in order for this sport to thrive into the future. That's really all that I have to say about the matter. Very best of luck to Peter Clifford and all you folks working the Glendora, California office. Much success to my friends at the National Hot Rod Association...



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I'm a strong advocate for safety at the drag strip. I'm proud of the fact that I've received several emails over the years from readers telling me that my blogs about safety at the strip have either saved their lives or the lives of their family members and friends... Today I'm sending a special message to all my loyal readers about celebrating our independence on this 4th of July in a SMART and SAFE manner... "Independence Day" is the federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, an event that happened all the way back on July 4th, 1776. Nowadays we've got parades, picnics, concerts, blowhard politicians giving speeches, barbecues, and of course, we have lots and lots of FIREWORKS-- and we all know that a lot of those fireworks aren't necessarily the kind that our local municipality shoots off into the night sky in a "safely controlled environment", in actuality, the majority of firework activity will be our children playing with their own "personal stash" of scaled-down explosives (firecrackers, bottle rockets, etc). While we certainly want our kids to celebrate our nation's independence, we sure don't want them to spend their 4th of July in the local hospital emergency room. It's unfortunate that so many children do in fact wind up in hospital emergency rooms this time of year, severely injured, burned, maimed, and often left with lifelong disabilities as a result of "playing" with fireworks. So much horrible heartbreak endured by so many families... I ask that on this special day, that all parents and grown-ups please keep a watchful eye on our precious children. We don't want to see our kids burned, maimed, permanently disfigured, or even killed from a foolish 4th of July related mishap... Instead of playing with fireworks, have your kids help you decorate your home by hanging up a pretty flag in your front window, or have them draw miniature "Uncle Sams" and hang them up inside your home... We folks in the drag racing community often have a heightened sense of safety and responsibility, now is the perfect time to exercise those positive character traits to help keep our kids safe. This Independence Day, let's make an effort to keep our kids independent of emergency room grief and turmoil. Please encourage children to celebrate our nation's independence in a safe manner that would make our nation's wise founding fathers proud of them...


Today is "FEEDBACK FRIDAY", meaning I deal with emails that my assistant Stephanie and I receive from readers regarding our most recent blogs... Let's get right to your feedback... We received numerous emails regarding yesterday's installment of Franky's & Felicia's tipster picks for this weekend's Summit Racing Equip Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio. Raymond from Bronx, NY said, "Franky & Felicia are starting to grow on me. I get a laugh when I read their NHRA picks. They make me miss The Sopranos."-- On the other side of the opinion fence, Penelope from Hugo, CO said, "Franky is a bozo. How does Felicia put up with him? If my man ever called me sweetcakes in public he'd be out the door!"... Wednesday's TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER serial series resulted in lots of you writing in. Esteri from all the way in Sastamala, Finland said, "The newest darkside drag racing villain gives me chills!"--- Once again Gary from Wellington, OH wrote in, "Superman used to make his superhero transformations in a phone booth. I think it's weird the way Sebastian has to use a bathroom stall!"-- Thanks to all of you Phantom Racer fans who wrote in this week... My blog highlighting the wide range of vehicle diversity and acceptance at the drags resulted in more emails than we expected. Rich from Belle Rose, LA wrote, "That LeBaron station wagon in your photo is fugly in my opinion, but you make a great point."-- Kenneth from Oxford, MD said, "I used to be a tech inspector. I know all about drag racing's diversity in vehicles. That's what made my job such a pain in the ***. But it's still a good thing for the sport."... My blog paying respects to veteran drag racer Roger Garten resulted in positive emails. Jake from Valina, CA wrote, "I remember Roger from the old days. He was one of the guys I liked. My sympathy for his family."--- Chuck from Boulder City, NV said, "The War Horse Funny Cars were among my favorites. Rest in Peace Mr. Garten."-- I want express my appreciation to my friend Julie Braskett for helping me put the tribute to Roger Garten together on such short notice... Thanks to all of you who wrote in with comments. Even though there's no way we have room to print all your emails, we want you to know that all your comments and suggestions are taken into consideration... Keep those emails comin' (by using the "Contact Us" link atop the page), whether you agree or disagree with mine, or any of our substitute guest bloggers' opinions, we're genuinely interested in your feedback... We just ask that you please keep your emails short and to the point, no rambling please, and please also include where you're from, we often find the location of where folks are writing us from to be sort of interesting. If you want to remain anonymous you can do that too (just write that you want to remain anonymous in the body of your email, and we won't disclose your identity in the event we choose to make a reference to your particular opinion)... Thanks...



It's "FEEDBACK FRIDAY" here at DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND. That means I print excerpts from some of the emails that you readers write in with. I always appreciate you folks who sit down at your keyboard and type me your thoughts and opinions.

Illustration courtesy of Drag Racing Underground's own John Gill. Copyright 2015.


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Drag Racing Underground's psychic-hipster-sibling-duo tipsters, Zagar & Juniper, have been suspended from their NHRA prediction duties for an extended duration of time, due to behavioral issues with their parents. And now we're sorry to report that the kids' parents have decided to pull Juniper & Zagar permanently from making picks. We wish them the best of luck in the future... That said, we'd like to introduce Franky & Felicia. They're a couple of sweethearts from Rego Park, Queens, NY, who have a love for drag racing and have asked that we give them a shot at making race predictions. They persistently insisted to us that they have what it takes to get the job done. We are trying them out strictly on a trial basis. Feel free to send us your opinion of them by using the 'Contact Us' link at the top of this page... Without further ado, we proudly present to you Franky & Felicia...

Franky: Yo! Me and my hot little lady are stoked 'bout giving youse our picks for this weekend's Summit Racing Equipment Nationals happening in Norwalk, Ohio. Pull up a chair, heat up some of that sizzling Skyline chili, 'cause that's my favorite freakin' thing that comes from Ohio, and this way youse can get that Ohio kinda feeling, and read what me and Felicia got to say to youse 'bout the drag racing!

Felicia: Right on, Franky, you gorgeous hunk of a man! My Top Fuel pick is Chris Karamesines. He's a Greek guy.  Ya know, I'm a little bit Greek too on my mother's side of the family. I love Greek food. Of course I realize that Chris Karamesines is an elderly senior citizen, but I'm puttin' my pick on the old guy for this race. Sometimes experience trumps over youth. If he wins at Norwalk, Franky has to take me out for gyros and spinach pies in Astoria on Sunday night!

Franky: No way will I be taking you out for gyros and spinach pies on Sunday night, baby, because Karamesines ain't gonna be making it to the winnner's circle. I have a lot of respect for the "Greek Geezer", but I definitely don't see him winning in Ohio. My pick is that Leah Pritchett gal. She's almost as much of a long shot as Karamesines, but I got this feeling that it's her time to be collecting a "Wally". Look for her and the DOTE Racing Team to clinch a victory. I certainly don't think that Leah is as hot as you are, Felicia, but she's a pretty sweet sparrow of the species.

Felicia: Yeah, yeah, I know you gots a thing about her, but that's alright. I understands how you macho, manly, gorgeous gorilla animals' brains function. My Funny Car pick is for John "Brute" Force. I think he's gonna chew up the Funny Car field. I sure liked that fired-up finishline interview he did when he won a couple weeks ago. He's a real tell it like it is kind of guy, I likes that kind of quality in a man.

Franky: Fugget about John Force. I think John Hale got this one. He's driving "Big" Jim Dunn's Charger Funny Car. He paid his dues in the Nostalgia Funny Car scene, and has stepped up into the big time with Jim Dunn. I know he's kind of an underdog, but sometimes you gots to want the underdogs to dominate the dog pound! Put a "Wally" in that Hale guy's arms at the Summit Racing Equipment Nationals. I have faith in him and his crew.

Felicia: My Pro Stock pick is Alan Prusiensky from Rockaway, New Joisey. Talk about long shots and underdogs, Prusiensky in his Dodge Avenger sure doesn't have the odds in his favor this weekend, but I don't care. He's a local guy and I like him. He's gonna turn on the heavy, honeybuns!

Franky: I don't agree, sweetcakes. I'll bet all my jollyrocks on Erica Enders. Erica and her Chevy Camaro are gonna wipe up the Pro Stock competition in spades. I'm starting to think she's also gonna get another NHRA championship this year. Erica is a serious chick when she's out on the track, she sort of reminds me of how you get, Felicia, when you're playing BINGO at the Knights of Columbus hall. You get that really intense game face of yours going on just like Erica does when she's driving.

Felicia: I hopes we did good, honey.


Franky: We picked 'em, babe.  'Cause we're a couple of classy winners who know how to pick da winners.

Break the conventional chains which bind you to the belief that the only things in this world that exist are those we're able to touch and see in daylight. Ever heard of quantum physics?-- Many credible physicists and scientists from the world's most prestigious of learning institutions now believe that parallel universes exist all around us-- We are likely surrounded by spectacular space, time, energy, and matter anomalies that boggle the brain, proving that what was once thought to be fantasy and fiction, can now be believed as truth and fathomable fact ... We offer you a slice of hard science, combined with sporadic sprinklings of paranormal phenomena, as we here at Drag Racing Underground, proudly present to you... TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER... Step out of the narrow-minded mist that encircles those who wear their stagnate skepticism like an outdated peach-colored leisure suit, and allow yourself the freedom to follow the adventures of drag racing's infinite and most indestructible spirit... Pull up a chair, toss your inhibitions aside, and ride along with one Sebastian Conrad, strong spirited eternal speed freak extraordinaire.


Last week's episode told of how our favorite metaphysical/afterlife drag racing dream team were teleporting and time-traveling their way to an urgent assignment. They're metaphysically en route to the year 1959, the location is a makeshift drag strip situated at Park's Airfield in Maplewood, Illinois. What makes this mission even more dangerous than most, is that the heavenly higher-ups had very little information to provide when briefing our team for the job. Evidently the only interstellar intelligence available is that there's a spirit from the darkside, disguised as a distinguished dragster driver, who plans to gain the trust of the locals and then unleash some sort of unknown act of terror. Out team are bringing an unassuming, red, small-block dragster with them to enter the competition. Maria is dressed for back-up girl duties in a nifty cowgirl outfit. Fred The Wrench is determined to handle this assignment minus the usual booze he's known for hiding in his socks. Leader Larry Lamb has some extra fairy dust tucked away in one of his wooly garment compartments, because he believes he's going to need all the tricks he can possibly muster for this particular trip. Peter The Parrot is pensive. Sebastian aka "The Phantom Racer" is anxious to return to driving duties, after the short hiatus he experienced while Fred was the one seated in the cockpit for the recent 'old timers' 4-banger challenge at a strip in the Andromeda Nebula. Despite the fact that they know very little about what awaits them, hopefully all our heroes are prepared for the task at hand.  This could very well turn out to be like a bad blind date with a dreadful darkside disaster...


Our crew materialize behind a blind spot of the Illinois airfield's makeshift drag strip's concession stand, so not to be seen during their metaphysical arrival on the grounds. "Wow!" says Sebastian, "This is a pretty groovy scene for an airfield drag strip!"... "Yes," replies Larry Lamb is his usual reserved manner, "It certainly has a certain charm to it."... "I'm hungry!" blurts Fred The Wrench, "Think I'll get me sumpthin' to eat!"... Larry Lamb interjects with authority, "I suggest we all stay focused on our surroundings until we can better assess the situation here, Fred, then maybe we can focus on food later."... "Uh, okay, boss." says a somewhat disappointed Fred, "I guess I can waits to eat, I gots some loose cheesy doodies stuffed in my overall's pocket."... "You got anything else stuffed in those pockets of yours, Fred?!?" squawks Peter The Parrot, "Like a bottle of the sauce to get you off?!?"... "Hey!!!" says Larry Lamb to Peter The Parrot in a stern tone, "I told you before we left headquarters that I don't want any bickering or fooling around!!! We're here on serious business!!! Understand?!?"... "Yes, boss." squawks a sorrowful Peter The Parrot, "I promise no more wise cracks."... "There's a pretty good number of sharp hot rodders here in the pits." says Maria, "I don't see anything suspicious."... "We must remember, gang," says Larry as he addresses the group, "the darkside spirit is here supposedly disguised as a distinguished dragster driver, so we're going to have to keep our eyes peeled for anything that can lead us to him."... "How do we know it's a him, and not a her??" inquires Maria... "Because I don't believe this track's social environment is quite liberated enough to permit women to drive a dragster." replies Larry Lamb, "After all, this is 1959, the women's movement still has a few years to go."... Maria crosses her arms and shakes her head, "Well, while I'm not thrilled about the sexist racing situation, at least we now have a good idea regarding the gender of the culprit we seek."...


"I'm going to the rest room to transform into the Phantom Racer." says Sebastian, wearing casual t-shirt and jeans attire... He then walks about fifty feet and enters the men's rest room. He slips into a vacant stall and locks the door... The Phantom Racer transformation begins... Sebastian stands upright and stationary, as his body begins to spin at an accelerated speed... "Hey!!" says a voice from the neighboring stall, "What the heck is going on in there?!?"... And then, in a matter of seconds, the miraculous metaphysical transformation is over almost as quickly as it started... "Uh, I was just pulling on the roll of toilet paper too fast, and it got a little out of hand!" Sebastian replies to the guy in the next stall... Sebastian then steps out of the stall, fully transformed into The Phantom Racer, with a firesuit, fireboots, gloves, respirator mask and helmet... He gets the attention of some other guys in the bathroom, one in particular, a trollish build of a man, dressed in a tacky silver tuxedo, who makes a comment as Sebastian heads for the exit, "Best of luck to you, ol' boy, I assume you're entered in today's smashing racing activities???"... Sebastian stops dead in his tracks, looks the character over and replies, "Yes, yes I am-- And you certainly appear, uh, distinguished for someone who is going to be driving a race car."... The small scale of a man cracks a cryptically crooked smile and gives Sebastian an eerie unsettling wink of the eye... Sebastian abruptly leaves, and wastes no time in returning to his cohorts outside... "I think I may have just encountered the sinister spirit disguised as a so-called 'distinguished dragster driver' while I was in the men's room!!!" says Sebastian to his teammates, "As a matter of fact, I'm SURE it was him-- AND HE'S DEFINITELY A BONA-FIDE, CERTIFIABLE CREEP!!!!".... "Oh really?" says Larry, "What makes you think he's the darkside spirit we're here to eradicate??"... "Well, first of all, he's wearing a ridiculous silver tuxedo in an attempt to appear distinguished." replies Sebastian, "And no offense, boss, but he tries to talk with an air of highbrow flare, kind of like you do, but you're the real deal, this ghoul is obviously faking it."... "Anything else??" asks Larry, with an intensified level of interest... "PLENTY!!!" says Sebastian, "HIS TOTAL HEIGHT IS ONLY A FOOT OR SO HIGHER THAN A GHASTLY GREMLIN, HIS SKIN HAS A  WARPED, WRINKLY GREEN PIGMENT, AND WORST OF ALL, WITHIN THE DEPTHS OF HIS SHALLOW DARK EYES, I COULD DETECT A SOURED SOUL THAT HARBORS ONLY THE MOST FRIGHTFUL DASTARDLY DESIRES OF SORCERY AND SINISTER INTENT-- THIS IS OUR GUY FOR SURE!!!!"



Yes, my dear friends, this is the mysterious mind-bending-hereafter rebirth, and puzzling parallel universe relocation of the bewildering being, energy, and entity we call THE PHANTOM RACER... Our team of do-gooders arrived for their latest assignment, at a makeshift drag strip at Park's Airfield in Maplewood, Illinois, circa 1959, where their mission is to sniff out a darkside spirit disguising himself as a 'distinguished dragster driver', with intent on performing some sort of dastardly deed. On the bright side, it seems that Sebastian has successfully detected the evil spirit. On the not so bright side, our crew still don't know exactly what kind of dreadful disaster the spirit is planning, or how he's going to execute his sorcery, so they don't know how they're going to stop him from wreaking havoc on the rural racing facility!!!... What's going to happen next?!?... What's in store for our drag racing paranormal dream team as they continue to embark on unpredictable drag racing adventures throughout the parallel universes??... Can they all hold it together and successfully champion the powers of good??... Or will they fall victim to evil entities they cannot control???... These are just a few of the mind-twisting questions to be answered in future action-packed episodes of TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER!!... There's more paranormal mystical and maniacal drag race mayhem coming your way!!... You definitely do not want to miss it...


Stay tuned next Wednesday for a new chapter of the serial paranormal drama series we call TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER... Be sure that YOU follow the story of Sebastian Conrad... Bookmark this page and BE HERE every Wednesday!!... You can read prior episodes of TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER by simply clicking on the 'DOC'S BLOG' link that's conveniently located atop this page, and then scrolling to her Wednesday blog installments (because this series is published here each and every Wednesday). All characters appearing in this series are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER story and imagery are copyright 2015 DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND.


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With all the talk these days of promoting diversity and accepting all different types of people and lifestyles, it got me to thinking about drag racing. And it brought to mind that out of all the many different genres of modern-day motorsport, it is drag racing that offers its participants the most broad and diverse freedom of expression. Just look at all the various classes and categories we have, from the opportunity to race the family's mini-van grocery-getter straight off the manufacturer's assembly line, to all-out 300+mph nitro-fueled dragsters built exclusively for the sport, and everything else imaginable in-between... We've got Bracket cars, Sportsman classes, wild Outlaw Doorslammer categories, eclectic Exhibition vehicles, Compacts, Pro Stock cars and motorcycles, Alky cars, Nostalgia, Nitro, etc, etc-- Just about any form of four-wheeled or two-wheeled automotive machinery that exist has at one time or another appeared on a drag strip. Even with all the complaining of "cookie cutter" design culture in drag racing, you still must admit that the overall variety of vehicles participating in the sport boggles the mind! You can show up with just about any kind of car at the drags, and as long as it has seat belts and can pass inspection, you'll be burning rubber on the strip. I believe that's something us drag racing folks can be somewhat proud of. Our open-minded attitude and willingness to embrace drivable diversity has no equal in the current motorsport world.

No other form of motorsport offers its participants the kind of freedom of expression that drag racing does. Where else could a 1980 Chrysler LeBaron faux woody station wagon be so openly accepted and embraced?? The drags celebrates diversity!!!


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Longtime drag racing veteran Roger Garten passed away as a result of injuries sustained during a crash while driving the "War Horse" Nostalgia Funny Car during this past weekend's "Saturday Night Nitro" event at Famosa Raceway in Bakersfield, California. Roger Garten had a colorful drag racing history going back decades, involving stints in Gassers, Fuel Altereds, and Funny Cars. Garten was a racer who took a lengthy hiatus from the cockpit but then eventually decided to return to the driver's seat, making a successful comeback in the Nostalgia Funny Car genre of the sport. Roger is survived by his wife Carlene, his children Rhonda and Dan, and the rest of their extended family... My friend Julie Braskett has known Roger Garten for many years. She grew up in a racing family, her dad Dave Braskett played a big part in the west coast Gasser, Funny Car, and Dragster scene, and the Braskett family were close friends with the Garten family... I'd like to quote Julie Braskett-- "I am absolutely devastated beyond words to hear of the passing of Roger Garten. Roger was like a Father to me, as Carlene Garten was like a Mother. Our families spent a lot of time together when I was growing up. Roger was respected and loved by all that knew him, and he would always take time out for a chat or a hug. I am really going to miss that. Race in Peace, Rapid Roger. You will forever be a legend, a dear friend, and a nitro pioneer."... I join Julie Braskett and countless other members of the drag racing community who send out our heartfelt condolences to Roger Garten's family.



Roger Garten with Julie Braskett. Godspeed to a man known for his goodness, grace, and drive to race.

Today we have the trusty Stephanie substituting for The Doc. At this time Doc is occupied with her Big Stick related recording responsibilities. We believe Doc will hopefully be back on the clock for tomorrow's or Tuesday's blog. Please enjoy Stephanie's Snapshot of the Day... This installment features a photo Doc snapped of the "STRICTLY BUSINESS" Chevy II B/Gasser. It's been storming the strips of the northeast for decades. A truly historic car that's still intact and runs fast. We see it here in the E'Town staging lanes at the track's OLD TIME DRAGS event which incidentally happens this year on Sunday July 26th. The OLD TIME DRAGS event is quickly approaching on the calendar! Doc recommends that fans of nostalgia drag racing make plans now to attend this spectacular old school oriented shindig!...  And if old school drag racing turns you on, also be sure to check out Drag Racing Underground's "NOSTALGIA RAW" dvd. Simply click on the "VIDEO CATALOG" link at the top center of this page, and you'll be right where you should be to see our extensive catalog of full-length, digital-quality drag racing dvds.



Here's a snapshot that Doc took of the legendary "STRICTLY BUSINESS" Chevy II B/Gasser at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park's OLD TIMES DRAG event which incidentally happens this Summer on Sunday July 26th. Plan now to attend this race!

Today I'd like to give a heads-up to nostalgia drag racing fans residing in the northeastern region of the nation. Saturday July 11th at The New Capitol Raceway in Crofton, Maryland, they're having a huge NOSTALGIA FUNNY CAR & ALTERED event that you're not gonna wanna miss! On the fabulous Funny Car bill are Bunny & The Boys' Corvette, Sweetman Brothers' Citation, Agent Orange Duster, Time Bomb Vega, Lil Miss Behavior Duster, Total Insanity Monza, and the Excalibur Corvette! Awesome Altereds scheduled to appear include the always strong C.O.P.D car, Hell Bound, Buzz Kill, and the Geroni Racing entry! I've personally seen several of these cars in action, and they're all impressive competitors capable of putting on a spectacular show! The Warriors Outlaws Pontiac Drag Series is also going to be storming the Maryland strip, along with the Summit Super Series Bracket Racers and the Summit Series Jr. Dragsters!... Come on out and support the nostalgia racing scene! Gates open 10am, Show Cars 6pm, 8pm and 10pm... For more information visit www.capitolraceway.net or www.earthshakingentertainment.com