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Welcome to Diana 'The Doc' Thomas' official Blog ... A radio interviewer once referred to Diana as being a 'Celebrity Drag Racing Authority & Visionary'... Diana has indeed filled the shoes (or fire boots) as truly being America's foremost 'Celebrity Drag Racing Authority & Visionary'... Diana is known for being somewhat controversial at times... She writes the truth... Diana tells it like it is about drag racing and other topical issues-- You've seen Diana 'The Doc' Thomas on our DVDs, with Bret Kepner on ESPN, and in all the major media... Don't miss your opportunity to read her daily blog right here at DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND... Diana's blog gives you a daily dose of truth and reality with heart... Diana's unique and refreshing perspective is unlike anything else on the drag racing web... We strongly recommend that you bookmark this page now... Be sure you check in daily to experience & enjoy Diana's unique insight, worldly wisdom and perspective...

It's July, the month of E'Town's OLD TIME DRAGS event. Therefore DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND is making July our "Month of Jungle". We're posting pics from the late  "Jungle Jim" Liberman's career that have never been seen on the internet before. We want to bring attention to the fact that drag racing's colorful history is indeed a history to be celebrated by all generations of fans. "Jungle" was a dedicated showman in the drag racing biz, and it's worth noting that many of the racers participating in the nostalgia-themed drag racing scene are also more than willing to put on a show for the enthusiastic fans in the grandstands. When you come to E'Town's LONG ISLAND HOT ROD REUNION this Saturday July 26th and the OLD TIMES DRAGS event on Sunday July 27th, you'll see plenty of racers performing long, tire-smoking burnouts to wow the crowd. The FUNNY CAR REUNION is also included in Sunday's event. That means that the fabulous old school styled floppers will be on the property. There's also going to be a special honoring of the late Jim "Fireball" Shores at the Sunday race. Many of you probably remember Jim Shores for his fierce fleet of 1970's "Fireball" Vega and Monza Funny Cars. A whole wide variety of old school drag machinery will be at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park THIS WEEKEND!!... For more information about all this great nostalgia drag racing related activity you can visit www.racewaypark.com


It's July, the month of E'Town's OLD TIME DRAGS event. DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND is officially declaring July our "Month of Jungle". We're posting pics from Jungle Jim's career that have never been seen on the internet before in order to bring attention to the great nostalgia drag racing that's happening at E'Town THIS WEEKEND. This one comes from the RACEWAY NEWS archives. The "Jungle" brand was once so popular that occasionally drivers like Pete Williams would appear in additional "Jungle" cars to meet the overwhelming match race demand.

From the Raceway News archives.

It's almost here!!... NEXT WEEKEND is a very important weekend for those desiring to step into drag racing's proverbial "time tunnel" to go back in time and experience the best in old school flavored drag racing fun!!... On Saturday, July 26th, THE DIGS AT E'TOWN will be presenting a special LONG ISLAND HOT ROD REUNION on the 1/4 mile strip. Gates open at 12 noon and it's going to be a great day and evening celebrating the colorful history of drag racing on Long Island, NY. Attention this year will be focused on the glory days of the now defunct West Hampton Dragway. I spent some time at the shoreline Long Island strip, and I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing some of the cars and people who used to frequent that track. I strongly recommend that folks show up on Saturday for this spectacular shindig!!... Then on Sunday, July 27th, it's Raceway Park's OLD TIME DRAGS & FUNNY CAR REUNION!! Gates open 8am, Time Trials 10am and the big show begins at 1pm. This event is the longest running nostalgia themed happening in the nation. Scheduled to appear on Sunday: East Coast Gassers, North East Timing Organization, Fabulous Nostalgia Funny Cars, Furious Front Engined Dragsters, Superb Stock & Super Stockers, Ornery Altereds, Classic American Muscle Cars, Legendary Display Cars, Giant Street Rod Show Featuring the Regional Fairlane Club Car Show, Hot Rod Legend Bob Ida will pick his "IDA'S TOP 10" from a Massive Car Show, Rat Rods, Memorabilia & Vendors and soooo much more!! Plus I'm glad to announce that Jim "Fireball" Shores will be posthumously honored as Grand Marshal of the event!!... Next Weekend to going to be a racing weekend that ALL generations can enjoy!!... No matter who you are, I can assure you that next Saturday July 26th AND Sunday July 27th, Old Bridge Township Raceway Park is THE PLACE to be!!... If you haven't done so already, make your plans right now to be at E'Town next weekend!!... For more info visit www.racewaypark.com

Next weekend the "old school" drag racing scene comes to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Saturday July 26th is the LONG ISLAND HOT ROD REUNION. Sunday July 27th is the OLD TIME DRAGS & FUNNY CAR REUNION. Both days are bound to blow your mind with a truly intense time-traveling drag racing experience!! I strongly recommend that my readers attend both days!!

From the Drag Racing Underground video and image archives. Now the largest in the world.

Today we have the trusty Stephanie substituting for The Doc. At this time Doc is occupied with either her Big Stick or sculpture related responsibilities. We believe Doc will be back on the clock for tomorrow's (Sunday's) edition of her popular blog. Be sure to tune in here tomorrow for your all-time favorite drag racing media personality... In the meantime, please enjoy Stephanie's Snapshot of the Day... This installment features a photograph that Doc snapped at E'Town's NIGHT OF THRILLS event at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. This race happened just this past Wednesday at the world-class Englishtown motorsports facility. Besides Doc's various other talents, she's become quite the accomplished and award winning photographer. What we see here is the Lagana family racing operation warming up their Top Fuel dragster. They're filling the pits with nitro as they ready the digger to make some noise on the historic New Jersey drag strip. Those who have been following drag racing for a long length of time are aware of the Lagana family racing legacy. The late Bobby Lagana Sr. made a name for himself at the wheel of the "Twilight Zone" fuel Funny Cars. Now Bobby Lagana Jr. is making his mark in the Top Fuel Dragster ranks ... If you'd like to see the best in nitro drag racing dvds, look no further than Drag Racing Underground. Get your mitts on Drag Racing Underground's FLOPPERS DIGGERS & DOORSLAMMERS and/or THRILL SHOW dvds (click on the VIDEO CATALOG link at the top center of this page to check them out). Hardcore racers and fans across the globe agree that Drag Racing Underground dvds are the most entertaining full-length drag racing features known to all mankind!... AND be sure to mark your calender for Sunday, July 27th (NEXT WEEKEND!)-- That's when this season's 2014 edition of E'Town's OLD TIME DRAGS event happens-- You'll see some way-cool old school nitro drag racing machinery and more! Doc highly recommends the event for fast family oriented fun!

The Lagana camp warms up their Top Fuel Dragster at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park's recent NIGHT OF THRILLS. Those who've been following drag racing for a long length of time are aware that the Lagana legacy is one that commands respect due to the family's steadfast dedication to the sport. Check out the rear wing. It shows you where the Lagana family's heart is.

Today is "FEEDBACK FRIDAY", meaning I deal with emails that my assistant Stephanie and I receive from readers regarding our most recent blogs... Let's get right to your feedback... Yesterday's blog featuring Drag Racing Underground's psychic sibling tipsters Juniper's and Zagar's probationary return and NHRA Mile-High Nationals predictions resulted in tons of emails, here's condensed versions of a couple we received. Chloe from Sigel, IL wrote, "It's so sweet how Juniper professed her love and support for her emotionally troubled brother Zagar."-- On the other side of the coin, Riley from Paramus, NJ said, "Zagar predicting that an inexperienced rookie like Jenna Haddock is going to win Top Fuel in Denver is proof that the kid is seriously touched in the head! I wish Drag Racing Underground would give that numbnut and his spacy sister the boot!"... Wednesday's 30th chapter of our TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER serial series resulted in lots of you writing in. Gianna from all the way in Vrbovec, Croatia said, "I cried when tech director Mr. Brody Butts ordered Peter The Parrot out of JoJo's race car."-- Once again Gary from Wellington, OH wrote in, this time saying, "I was hoping that Sebastian was going to knock thug Bugsy Bullheimer's lights out. No bookie should be able to harass their client while they're busy at the drag strip."--  Mila from Lyons, NE said, "Please put more of Maria Conrad in the PHANTOM RACER story. She looks so pretty and I am her biggest fan!"-- Thanks to all of you Phantom Racer fans who wrote in this week... My blog promoting Raceway Park's recent NIGHT OF THRILLS prompted many reader responses. Eric from Delano Twp, PA wrote, "It's so cool that you mentioned Bobby Lagana in your NIGHT OF THRILLS blog. He's my favorite nitro underdog." ... My blog promoting this Saturday's upcoming (July 19th) Nostalgia Funny Car & Altered event at Capitol Raceway prompted Jessee from Millersville, MD to say, "Capitol Raceway isn't too far from where I live. I'm going to check out the race. Thanks for the heads up!"... My blog paying respects to the recently departed Tommy Ramone of the RAMONES resulted in several of you writing in. Dean from Blue Grass, IA said, "When I was a kid the RAMONES were my go to group. S*cks that they're all gone now."-- Molly from Perris, CA wrote, "The photo of you playing drums at CBGBs with BIG STICK surprised me. I saw the RAMONES play there when I was in college. I usually listen to classic rock, but some punk rock bands like the RAMONES are on my ipod too!"...Keep those emails comin' (by using the "Contact Us" link atop the page), whether you agree or disagree with mine, or any of our substitute guest bloggers' opinions, we're genuinely interested in your feedback... We just ask that you please keep your emails short and to the point, no rambling please, and please also include where you're from, we often find the location of where folks are writing us from to be sort of interesting. If you want to remain anonymous you can do that too (just write that you want to remain anonymous in the body of your email, and we won't disclose your identity in the event we choose to make a reference to your particular opinion)... Thanks...



It's "FEEDBACK FRIDAY" here at DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND. That means I print excerpts from some of the emails that you readers write in with. I always appreciate you folks who sit down at your keyboard and type me your thoughts and opinions.

Illustration courtesy of Drag Racing Underground's own John Gill. Copyright 2014.



Doc used to do drag racing picks. She was unbelievably great at picking winners, confirming her so-called "visionary" talents. It was like Doc had a crystal ball giving her advance notice of who was going be in the winner's circle. Over the years we've been getting requests for Doc to once again put her tipster talents to work and write drag racing picks. However, with her current music and art related workload, that's just not possible... So we figured out another way to have an exciting and entertaining "tipster" feature here on the web site. We've recruited the psychic sibling team of Juniper and Zagar. This brother and sister psychic phenom both LOVE drag racing a whole heck of a lot!! They're young....They're fun.... And now they're DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND's very own exclusive psychic sibling tipsters... So without further ado, we present Juniper and Zagar...

Juniper: Hi everybody. My brother and I are so psyched that Drag Racing Underground has given us this opportunity to exercise our psychic abilities and do our picks on this popular cyber page!


Zagar: Yeah! This is soooooooo awesome!

Juniper: This coming weekend is the Mopar Mile-High Nationals in Denver.


Zagar: Today my little sister and I are both going to psychically tune-in to what's gonna happen at this geographically highly-elevated event.

Juniper: Let's get right to our predictions. In the Top Fuel class I'm feeling that the 2009 and 20012 winner of this race is going to return to winning form for this year's edition. Yes, those of you who closely follow NHRA's stats know I'm talking about the amazing Antron Brown. Yesterday when I was grooming our mystical family cats Daffodil and Doofle, I could hear the call of the distant Denver mountains, whispering to me that Antron and his Don Schumacher team dragster are destined for Mile-High victory. When mountains talk to me they usually speak the truth. Antron is a Pisces, and his astrological sign is definitely dialed-in for success this weekend. I'll even go as far to say that Antron is also going to set the track's E.T. and MPH record!! What do you think about that, brother Zagar??

Zagar: Not so fast, sis! Before I get to giving you any of my highly anticipated expert predictions, I must say that I'm a little surprised that you didn't say anything about the fact that due to my temporary suspension from my Drag Racing Underground prediction duties, we've both been absent from this popular blog page for a couple weeks. I've been the sibling reprimanded by our parents for spraying soda all over the house when I got excited while watching drag racing on TV. I think it's real cool how a certain Funny Car driver pours soda on his "Wally" trophies when he wins, so I thought it'd be cool for me to use soda as a celebratory liquid when I get riled up. Our parents have sent me for special counseling, to curb my overly excitable enthusiasm. I'm back here today strictly on a probationary basis. I pray that I can keep myself calm enough to keep this great gig. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that newcomer Jenna Haddock, wife of F/C star Terry Haddock is going to win her Top Fuel debut at the Mile-High Nationals. It's her first Top Fuel race ever and my psychic instincts tell me that Jenna's gonna beat all the seasoned veterans something silly! I also think she's a charming and attractive woman. Jenna Haddock will be victorious and you can tell all your friends and relatives that " Zagar The Great Wonderboy Psychic" told you so!


Juniper:  I didn't say anything about our temporary suspension due to your behavior, or anything regarding your current probation period because I figured it'd be best that you addressed this sensitive subject first. Being your little sister, you know that I love you more than life itself and that I'll always have your back. Just like mom and dad, I want to see you get through this rough period, my dearest brother Zagar... Okay, moving on to the Nitro Funny Car class. I'm choosing John Force to arrive in Denver and completely dominate the flopper field. His Taurus astrology charts all point to him scoring yet another win on the NHRA trail. Crew chief Jimmy Prock will get a handle on the high elevation factor and get his boss dialed-in to the challenging environmental conditions perfectly. All other competitors be warned. John Force may be the so-called "old man" of the Force team, but he's in fine form and is definitely on the proverbial warpath. Stay out of John "Brute" Force's way on Sunday!

Zagar: Look, sis, I'm really touched that you're supporting my efforts to calm down a little. You know more than anybody else that my hyper behavior lands me in lots of trouble. Yes, I'm "drag racing's most excitable boy", but I've got to channel my hyper exciting feelings in a more civilized manner. I'm really going to try hard to make that happen... I'm getting a whole different vibe from my astrology research with the Funny Car drivers. My charts indicate that we will see a Force win in the final round of racing, but it's NOT going to be Papa John, no siree-bob!... It's going to be the cute and coy Courtney Force who is going to win the Mile-High Nationals. Her TRAXXAS Mustang is the pony car that the moon and stars signal as being most victorious this weekend. She's going to pound the pavement and wipe up the rest of the Funny Car field, including her dad if she has to-- I get a feeling that she'll actually be racing her pop in the first round of eliminations. Courtney's a great example of a motivated Gemini, and it's that mammoth motivation that's going to result in her holding a bright new shiny  "Wally" trophy on Sunday afternoon.


Juniper: Let's talk about Pro Stock. I did my homework and checked most of the Pro Stock racers' astrology charts. I have come to the conclusion that veteran Allen Johnson is really on a roll. He and his mighty Mopar are going to take top honors at the NHRA Mopar Mile-High Nationals. That's right, he's definitely driving the correct brand of car to win this Mopar sponsored race. The speedy Sagittarius from Greenville, TN, has already won five big events this season, Denver is going to be number six.  I pick experienced driving talent Allen Johnson to take home the "Wally" trophy for all the many "Mopar Or No Car" fan contingent. The insightful planet of Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun, spoke to me at length during my yoga session earlier this morning, insisting to me beyond any doubt that this weekend it's all about Allen Johnson giving the factory hot rod class a serious whooping!


Zagar: I agree with you that Allen Johnson is a racer on his game... BUT the Pro Stock driver destined for greatness this particular weekend, is none other than the enchanting Elite Performance star we have all come to know and love-- Yes, I'm talking about my ultimate favorite girl in all of drag racing.. The adorably cute in her custom tailored fire suit, the lovely Erica Enders Stevens. When Erica won the other week in Norwalk, while I was suspended from my Drag Racing Underground tipster duties, I enthusiastically jumped up and down on my bed for over an hour celebrating her victory! I didn't spray any soda in the house or cause any serious property damage, so mom and dad were okay with it. My astrology charts indicate that the Elite Performance Chevy Camaro will be victorious with beautiful Erica at the wheel. She's number one in points and she's going to increase that point lead of hers this weekend... That said, I'd like to address the rumors currently circulating that Erica might not be racing at Sonoma and Seattle. I heard that she is possibly going to miss those upcoming important NHRA dates. Let me just warn everyone right now, especially my family members, I'm trying my hardest to curb my hyper behavior, I really am... However, if Erica does miss those two races, and it turns out to be for reasons that I deem to be unfair to her, I'm very afraid that I'll have a relapse of hyper behavior. Let's all hope that DOESN'T happen... You know, we take our psychic duties very seriously, and we never let our personal feelings cloud our psychic judgement. Sure, we joke and kid around for fun, but we do take our work very seriously, right sis??

Juniper: Yes we do, big brother!! We've got the gift...  It's a very special gift that enables us to clearly look into the future, and then share our findings with the world. I am so grateful for this amazing ability that we are so very fortunate to possess!


Juniper and Zagar are the adorable sibling teen psychics who are the new darlings of the drag racing world. They're what all the big buzz is about! Everybody is talking about this loveable brother and sister psychic duo's uncanny ability to predict winners. If you have a question for Juniper & Zagar you can write them by using the "CONTACT US" link at the top of this page. Please be sure to write their names in the subject matter and include your date of birth. Juniper & Zagar are the exclusive property of Drag Racing Underground. Juniper's & Zagar's installments are for entertainment purposes only. All rights reserved. Copyright 2014.

Break the conventional chains which bind you to the belief that the only things in this world that exist are those we're able to touch and see in daylight. Ever heard of quantum physics?-- Many credible physicists and scientists from the world's most prestigious of learning institutions now believe that parallel universes exist all around us-- We are likely surrounded by spectacular space, time, energy, and matter anomalies that boggle the brain, proving that what was once thought to be fantasy and fiction, can now be believed as truth and fathomable fact ... We offer you a slice of hard science, combined with sporadic sprinklings of paranormal phenomena, as we here at Drag Racing Underground, proudly present to you... TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER... Step out of the narrow-minded mist that encircles those who wear their stagnate skepticism like an outdated peach-colored leisure suit, and allow yourself the freedom to follow the adventures of drag racing's infinite and most indestructible spirit... Pull up a chair, toss your inhibitions aside, and ride along with one Sebastian Conrad, strong spirited eternal speed freak extraordinaire.


Last week's episode told of how our favorite metaphysical/afterlife drag racing dream team featuring top-honcho Larry Lamb, Sebastian Conrad aka The Phantom Racer, Fred The Wrench, and Peter The Parrot are assembled for an A/FX meet at a dusty Kansas strip circa 1963. Our team has been instructed by the heavenly higher-ups to modify new acquaintance JoJo's "Sugar Booger" Dodge Polara, and do everything in their power to help JoJo win the event. Fred The Wrench swapped out JoJo's Dodge Polara's ailing engine for the fresher Hemi from our do-gooder team's Polara. Instructions were phoned in from Maria Conrad back at the office that hubby Sebastian is to take a "dive" if it's going to be necessary to facilitate JoJo and his "Sugar Booger" Dodge to win. JoJo has revealed to our boys that he has a serious gambling problem, and that if he doesn't get the winner's purse to pay off his outstanding gambling debts, his dirtbag bookie is going to kill him and his entire family!! So now we all know why the heavenly higher-ups insisted that our team does everything paranormally possible to make JoJo the event's victorious driver so he receives the winner's purse. We have also learned that JoJo isn't the most gifted of racers when it comes to cutting a good light on the christmas tree, due to a nagging Nystagmus eye condition. JoJo's vision is crummy at best, so even with a competitive car, he still needs a miracle to be a winner... That miracle might come in the form of Peter The Parrot. Larry Lamb has devised a plan to have Peter The Parrot stand on JoJo's shoulder in the race car, and give JoJo a quick peck on the helmet at the precise time he's to leave the line for a blazing holeshot... Unfortunately pesky tech director Mr. Brody Butts makes a big stink when he sees JoJo driving through the staging lanes to the starting line with Peter The Parrot (complete with small scale helmet and goggles) riding shotgun on his shoulder. An infuriated Mr. Butts shouts loudly towards JoJo's direction, "HEY!!! YOU CAN'T BRING THAT BLASTED BIRD ALONG WITH YOU FOR THE RIDE!!! GET THAT FEATHERED FREAK OUT OF THE CAR!! RIGHT NOW!!!"...


JoJo abruptly stops the car, gets out and says with a look of impending doom on his face, "Oh well. The jig is up. There's no way I'm going to win this race, get the purse, and be able to pay off my gambling debts. My dirtbag bookie is going to KILL me and my family."... Peter The Parrot then squawks on JoJo's shoulder, "We could've won this race. I know it. Darn!"... Then Larry Lamb hustles over to tech director Mr. Brody Butts and pleas with him, "My dear sir, uh, we are doing a special top secret experiment for our nation's space program. We're getting this parrot used to extreme G-forces, so he can eventually be flown to the moon."... "Look, pal," replies an irritated Mr. Butts, "When I first saw you clowns, I thought maybe you're FROM outer space, BUT there's no way I believe you're with our nation's space program. AND I also know that you originally came here with a Pontiac Catalina, NOT a Dodge Polara! You did some kind of weird voodoo to change your Catalina into a Polara so that you could do a legal engine swap with JoJo's Polara. I know what I saw, and I first saw y'all with a Catalina. You're lucky I don't call the sheriff and tell 'em to lock you witchcrafty freaks or whatever y'all are up in the county jail!"... "We're just trying to help JoJo win the race." says Larry Lamb..."Yeah, well, I don't know if JoJo told you weirdos or not," shrugs Mr. Butts, "But he hasn't won a single round of racing all season. JoJo can't cut a light to save his life!!"... "T-T-That's extra true now, Mr. B-B-Butts. I'm gonna lose my life, and my wife and kids are going to get killed too.I desperately needed the winner's purse to pay my bookie."... JoJo sulks as he removes his helmet and looks as if the world's coming down on his shoulders... Peter The Parrot flies off JoJo's shoulder and removes his small scale helmet and googles and starts sobbing... "Oh, this is just great," says Mr. Butts as he flails his arms in the air, "We've got a losing gambler and a crying parrot. Listen, I've got other duties to attend to. I've got a race to run. Y'all have to excuse me."... Fred The Wrench and Larry Lamb look at each other in disbelief, because they've never seen the usually tough as nails Peter The Parrot cry before... "Hey, c'mon now," says a sympathetic Fred The Wrench, "There's nothing to cry about."... Sebastian stepped out of his Polara and joined the group. Sebastian sees Peter The Parrot sobbing and adds, "Yeah, there's no need for crying."


Then JoJo starts weeping as well and says, "Oh, yeah. There SURE IS reason for CRYING," as he cowardly points to a rough looking, rotund, stubble-faced character approaching them from the distance, "That's none other than my dirtbag bookie BUGSY BULLHEIMER," JoJo exclaims, "And I don't have ONE RED CENT in my jean's pocket to pay him!!"... Larry Lamb glances at the terrifying thug approaching and says, "Oh my, he's got an awfully devious look in his eyes."... "Let me at him," says Sebastian with aggression in his voice, "I'll knock his lights out so he won't be able to hurt JoJo or any of his family."... "Hold back," interjects Fred The Wrench as he grabs Sebastian's arm, "Maybe we can work this thing out."... "Hmmm," squawks Peter The Parrot, "I'd like to peck his face until he's unrecognizable!"... "My extrasensory perception indicates that this situation might not be able to be so easily worked out," mutters a now tense Larry Lamb discreetly out the side of his mouth, "I perceive this guy as being among the lowest of lowlifes."...  JoJo starts sweating profusely and says with more tremble in his voice than ever before, "Hey, it was really nice knowing you g-g-g-guys, w-w-w-wherever you're f-f-f-from, but this might be the end of the l-l-l-line for m-m-m-me."... Now the gangland figure is only a few feet away from our paranormal dream team and an emotionally distraught JoJo... "Can I help you?", says a bold Sebastion to the thug... "I'm sure JoJo over here has told you who I am," says the threatening thug in a crass, cocky, gravely, low pitched voice, "If not, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bugsy Bullheimer-- And THIS is my partner, Matty the Machine Gun!!!"... Then in a blink of an eye Bugsy pulls out a sizable weapon that was concealed inside his pinstriped gangster suit...  YOU GOT MY MONEY, JoJo?!?, asks Bugsy... "Uh, w-w-w-well," a stuttering JoJo replies, "Ya see, I was going to pay you after I won t-t-t-today's race, b-b-b-but it looks like I'm not going to be able to win t-t-t-today's r-r-r-race."... "Enough with you and your stupid excuses," says an enraged Bugsy, "I'm going to shoot you right here and now, so all your racing buddies here can see that nobody, I mean NOBODY stiffs Bugsy Bullheimer with their gambling debts and lives to tell about it!!!"... Then everyone's hearts sink as they see Bugsy aim his gun directly at the temple of JoJo's head... Then with no hesitation Bugsy pulls the trigger-- but the gun jams!!... Bugsy then shakes the gun violently and pulls the trigger again, shooting bullets up into the sky!!... Then once again Bugsy Bullheimer takes a menacing stance and aims his gun directly at poor JoJo's head!!... "DO SOMETHING!!!"  Peter The Parrot frantically squawks as he looks up from the ground towards group leader Larry Lamb... "Yeah, P-P-PLEASE SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!!!!" yells a hysterical JoJo as he appears to be only mere milliseconds from death...




Yes, my dear friends, this is the mysterious mind-bending-hereafter rebirth, and puzzling parallel universe relocation of the bewildering being, energy, and entity we call THE PHANTOM RACER... OH NO!!... When track boss Mr. Brody Butts wouldn't let Peter The Parrot ride along with JoJo to help him cut a good light, he put the kibosh on any hopes of JoJo winning the race and getting the winner's purse to pay off his bookie.  And now with JoJo's brash bookie Bugsy Bullheimer showing up at the strip to collect on JoJo's gambling debt, the situation has gone from bad to worse!!!... It appears to be curtains for poor JoJo!!!... Will we be seeing Bugsy shoot JoJo in the head right there in the staging lanes of the dusty Kansas drag strip?!?... Will leader Larry Lamb or one of our heroes think fast enough to avert disaster and somehow, someway save JoJo's life?!?... Or will there be horrific bloodshed and bloodbath in the staging lanes?!?...These are just a few of the mind-twisting questions to be answered in next week's action packed episode!!! What's going to happen next??... What's in store for our drag racing paranormal dream team as they continue to embark on unpredictable drag racing adventures throughout the parallel universes??... Can they all hold it together and successfully champion the powers of good??... Or will they fall victim to evil entities they cannot control???... There's more paranormal mystical and maniacal drag race mayhem coming your way!!... You definitely do not want to miss it...




Stayed tuned next Wednesday for the next chapter of the serial paranormal drama series we call TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER... Be sure that YOU follow the story of Sebastian Conrad... Bookmark this page and BE HERE every Wednesday!!... You can read prior episodes of TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER by simply clicking on the 'DOC'S BLOG' link that's conveniently located atop this page, and then scrolling to her Wednesday blog installments (because this series is published here each and every Wednesday).  TALES OF THE PHANTOM RACER story and imagery are copyright 2014 DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND

The folks from Earth Shaking Entertainment have given me a heads-up regarding an event that I definitely want to give my readers a heads-up about as well... It's happening THIS SATURDAY JULY 19TH at the new Capitol Raceway in Crofton, Maryland. For those of you in the Maryland region seeking quality nostalgia themed racing, this one is an absolute MUST for you to attend! There's a whole bunch of notorious NOSTALGIA FUNNY CARS booked in for the show including AGENT ORANGE DUSTER, BUNNY "THE LEGEND" BURKETT, EXCALIBUR 'VETTE, SCREAMING EAGLE TRANS AM, TIME BOMB VEGA, TOTAL INSANITY MONZA, SWEETMAN BROTHERS CHEVY CITATION, THUNDER MUSTANG, and LIL MISS BEHAVIOR MENACING MOPAR!!... AWESOME ALTEREDS on the bill include JOE MORRISON'S DRIVE 4 COPD FIAT, EXTREME PURSUIT, MARTY DANKO and HELL BOUND!!... Plus the HANNA FAMILY are going to have a couple of their fierce JET CARS featured in a ferocious flame throwing match race!!... I have seen a majority of the racers who are scheduled to appear at this star-studded gala event, and I can assure you that this is certainly destined to be one heck of a spectacular show!!... I posted a flyer below so you can see photos of the various radical raucous rides that will be appearing... Check out this mammoth-sized superb nostalgia shindig at the new Capitol Raceway THIS SATURDAY JULY 19TH... BE THERE!!...


Once again, I'd like to remind my readers that this coming Wednesday Night July 16th, Old Bridge Township Raceway Park will host the 39th annual P.C. Richard and Son NIGHT OF THRILLS presented by Premio. This 300mph summer special evening of high speed entertainment will have it all. Creatures, cars and drag racing stars participating include the car eating beast ROBOSAURUS in its only area appearance for 2014. MONSTER TRUCKS are also on the bill including the incredible BIGFOOT and my personal favorite the HIGHER EDUCATION MONSTER SCHOOL BUS-- Kids of all ages (including yours truly) get a real kick out of seeing a monster truck in simulated schoolbus trim trampling and crushing cars! Get your fix of 300mph NITRO DRAGSTERS with the Lagana Family's NITRO NINJA and Bruce Litton's NITRO JAM Top Fuelers. The Hanna crew will have their JET FUNNY CARS and DRAGSTERS setting the night on fire. Outlaw doorslammer fans will be pleased by seeing some of the northeast's most potent PRO MODS doing battle on the E'Town 1/4 mile. NOSTALGIA FUNNY CAR racers Dave Sano and Rocky Pirrone will take spectators on a time-traveling drag racing mind warp with their old school floppers. WHEELSTANDERS will be reaching for the skies in spectacular fashion. Fans of brash drag bikes will be awed by TOP FUEL HARLEYS. Plus the H*LL ON WHEELS stunt team, cartoon characters and fireworks are also featured in the show. Discount coupons are available from any of the P.C. Richard & Son superstores in the area. The pit party begins at 4:30pm and the thrill show kicks off at 8:00pm.  I strongly recommend that you load your family in the car and bring 'em out to Raceway Park for the 39th annual NIGHT OF THRILLS. I award this event a superb rating of four "Doc Stars" for fast family fun and entertainment!! BE THERE!!...

See the "HIGHER EDUCATION" Monster School Bus and a whole bunch of other incredible motorsport acts at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park's NIGHT OF THRILLS on Wednesday July 16th. And don't forget that ROBOSAURUS will be returning for the night's super spectacular shindig!! I award this festive event four "Doc Stars" for fast family fun and entertainment!!

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Tom Erdelyi aka Tommy Ramone recently passed away. He was the original drummer of the RAMONES. He died from cancer of the bile duct. I'm sure many readers of this blog are aware of who the RAMONES were. In keeping with a hot roddin' and drag racing oriented theme, it was the RAMONES who recorded the ultra-cool "Go Lil' Camaro" track years ago. I guess you could call them pioneers of the whole punk rock thing. Tommy got his start in the music business before the RAMONES existed, he was a music producer while still in his teens. He also worked as an apprentice sound engineer at The Record Plant studio in NYC. His playing style on the drum kit was the glue that kept the RAMONES' music tight. "For me, it blows everything else off the radio," Robert Christgau wrote of the RAMONES' debut album in the VILLAGE VOICE-- And I kind of respect that statement, 'cause music journalist Christgau has also written plenty of potent praise in the VOICE about BIG STICK's music... Heck, the RAMONES managed to blaze a trail by recording stuff that didn't sound like the same stifling, over-produced schlock that was practically smothering the life out of rock n' roll on the radio at the time of their debut. As a drummer myself, I have a lot of respect for the approach that Tommy took to rock n' roll, and his function as the clock (drummer) of the group. And as a drummer who has also played CBGB's on occasion, the same now defunct club where the RAMONES first spent lots of time cutting their teeth in the music biz, I also respect Tommy and the band for how they launched themselves into the music world. Believe it or not, Tommy was the final RAMONE standing before his recent death. They're all gone now. But we'll remember Tommy and the rest of the "fab four" from Queens, NY for a long time.

Yours truly on the BIG STICK drum kit at CBGB's, the club where Tom Erdelyi aka Tommy Ramone and the RAMONES played a lot of their earlier gigs. As a musician, and especially as a drummer, I have a lot of respect for the approach Tommy took to keeping the beat for the "fab four" from Queens, NY.

Photo courtesy of Greg Fasolino


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Just a reminder that this coming Wednesday Night July 16th, Old Bridge Township Raceway Park will host the 39th annual P.C. Richard and Son NIGHT OF THRILLS presented by Premio. This 300mph summer special evening of high speed entertainment will have it all. Creatures, cars and drag racing stars participating include the car eating beast ROBOSAURUS in its only area appearance for 2014. MONSTER TRUCKS are also on the bill including fan favorites BIGFOOT and the HIGHER EDUCATION MONSTER SCHOOL BUS. Get your fix of 300mph NITRO DRAGSTERS with the Lagana Family's NITRO NINJA and Bruce Litton's NITRO JAM Top Fueler. The Hanna crew will have their JET FUNNY CARS and DRAGSTERS setting the night on fire. Outlaw doorslammer fans will be pleased by some of the nation's most potent PRO MODS doing battle on the E'Town 1/4 mile. NOSTALGIA FUNNY CARS including Dave Sano and Rocky Pirrone will take spectators on a time-traveling drag racing mind warp. WHEELSTANDERS will be reaching for the skies in spectacular fashion. Fans of two-wheeling action will be awed by TOP FUEL HARLEYS. Plus the H*LL ON WHEELS stunt team, cartoon characters and fireworks are also featured in the show. Discount coupons are available from any of the P.C. Richard & Son superstores in the area. The pit party begins at 4:30pm and the thrill show kicks off at 8:00pm.  I strongly recommend that you load your family in the car and bring 'em out to Raceway Park for the 39th annual NIGHT OF THRILLS. I award this event a superb rating of four "Doc Stars" for fast family fun and entertainment!! BE THERE!!...

See the Lagana family's NITRO NINJA Top Fuel Dragster and whole bunch of other incredible motorsport acts at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park's NIGHT OF THRILLS on Wednesday July 16th. And don't forget that ROBOSAURUS will be returning for the night's super spectacular shindig!! I award this festive event four "Doc Stars" for fast family fun and entertainment!!